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Who Called Me From This Phone Number? Best Platforms To Find

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At times, unknown numbers can unnerve anyone. It can increase anxiety since you wonder who might be calling you at this odd hour. If the unknown Phone number rings incessantly and repeatedly, chances are high that you will get stalked. Someone is out there who might have sensitive information about you. It can even be people trying to scam you or wanting to sell their services or products.

Some unknown callers are pranksters who could be creating insecurity and stress in your life. The unknown caller can be anyone, like a relative or long-lost friend, or someone in an emergency situation. You cannot just ignore the call. At the same time, you cannot even pick up harassment calls. So, what do you do?

Top 10 sites to know who called me from this phone number

1. Intelius:

Intelius phone number

This premium service has managed to live up to its reputation for over twenty decades. They generate highly reliable, accurate, and comprehensive results. Besides gathering public database-related information, it makes gathered information from state, local, and federal government agencies public. It accesses data from diverse private establishments, thus making it a reliable platform. Its search algorithm is also very fast. Besides trial period charges, even cancellations are billed. Without cancellation, you are registered for a premium membership. Subscribing to premium plans enables you to access endless phone number searches.

2. Spokeo:


It is a popularly used reverse phone lookup service around the world. It offers affordable pricing options, accurate search results, and a seamless user interface, enabling you to search for unknown numbers effortlessly. You derive the caller’s name, address, etc., within seconds. It possesses a sizeable database. It includes court records, social network IDs, customer records, property records, and business records. Thus, the information provided through this service is 100% verified and authentic. You may even download the desired PDF records for later reference. Single searches cost you around $0.95–$1.95 without requiring you to subscribe to any premium plan. However, search results are limited to social media and government records that are publicly available.

3. TruthFinder:


This service is connected with public, international, and national databases to provide accurate background information quickly. It includes publicly available information, like the caller’s full name, age, address, education, financial loan details, and employment history. It even displays details related to the caller’s public or online registered businesses. It provides dark web monitoring that is useful if in-depth background data is desired on a particular subject. However, its facilities are limited to US-only databases. For detailed reports, you have to pay extra.

4. WhoCallMe:


The service cross-references the unknown number with corporate databases, social platforms, government agencies, data brokers, and public records. It offers maximum information. Being regularly updated, the platform database offers accurate and relevant phone lookup information. You may access social media accounts, aliases, and email addresses instantly. This information is then compiled into an easily downloadable PDF report. You can deal with pranksters and scammers who call you repeatedly. All searches made through this service are 100% confidential.

5. CooFinderr:


It provides comprehensive, detailed lookup reports for all unknown numbers. The platform effortlessly accesses multiple public databases, thus deriving useful information. It includes the caller’s name, home address, email address, close acquaintances, and social media profiles. Users can look in-depth into the caller’s address, employment, and criminal history. Being a mobile-optimized site, anyone can conduct the lookup from anywhere. It has an easy-to-navigate user interface. Thus, finding information is quick and hassle-free. At times, the information sought might be limited as the amount of data to compile is based on the caller’s digital footprint.

6. Instant Checkmate:

Instant checkmate

You can know who called me from this phone number by using this service. It provides you with instant access to a vast lookup directory. It has compiled massive amounts of data gathered from diverse public records. It means every publicly registered cellphone number and landline is traceable with its powerful search engine. It includes comprehensive details on the caller’s name, location, and everything related. You may conduct the search anonymously. However, its search engine is often slow and charges high, and no single report is offered.

7. BeenVerified:


This reputed premium service provides comprehensive, detailed background reports. It includes the caller’s name, address, age, criminal history, and social media usage. It even provides related phone numbers that help gain additional insight about the callers and their backgrounds. You may download its easy-to-use mobile app on your Android or iOS. However, generating results takes a lot of time. Users are not offered single search options. A full membership subscription starting at $29.99/month is essential to using this service.

8. NumLooker:


It has several features and parameters that enable users to collect comprehensive information on unknown callers. Besides knowing who called you, it is possible to conduct a people search, a public records search, and an address lookup. Thus, you get lots of information about your targeted number. It even comes with advanced filtering features, allowing you to uncover the real identity of the caller. Thus, you get to know information like the caller’s credit history, employment background, social media pages, social security number, etc. This service is 100% free. No registration or installation is required.

9. WhoseNumber:


It provides easy access to comprehensive information by scanning federal databases, public directories, and multiple online datasets instantly. The caller’s identity is revealed quickly, be it a company or an individual. A few other essential details provided include social media handles, address information, location, name, etc. No money is charged for availing of their service. It even provides advanced filtering, thus allowing you to go through extracted data to locate desired relevant information.

10. US Phone Lookup:

Us phone lookup

It has a straightforward, simple search engine to pull relevant information from diverse public sources. It includes online listings, phone directories, social media profiles, etc. Using this information, you can derive the latest background information about the caller. It means you can derive details like the caller’s address, name, acquaintances, age, educational background, and criminal history quickly. The site’s user interface offers a seamless user experience. You can access it on your tablet or mobile phone. It implements high-end encryption protocols to enable conducting anonymous searches. However, its service is limited to the USA.

Choose the best one!

You have to know who is calling you at odd hours. At the same time, you have to be safe and decide whether to pick up or hang the call. Choosing a reliable service provider will enable you to enjoy using your phone and ensure you are protected from danger.

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