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Which 10 Luxury Shoe Brands Sell Shoes For The Most Money Worldwide?

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To achieve success in any domain, it is important for businesses to adopt the right Marketing Strategy. Companies selling shoes are no different. There have emerged luxury brands that are quite expensive and meant for premium customers who understand style and quality. These brands create shoes that can match perfectly every person’s dreams. Wearing expensive shoes also helps make a style statement allowing the wearer to be different from the crowd.

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Top 10 premium, luxury, international shoe brands for women

1. Christian Louboutin:

Christian Louboutin International shoe brands

Shoes created by this brand are easily recognizable. Louboutin, the brand creator is said to have started this business by accident. After getting expelled from school, he did several jobs. During the early 80s, he freelanced to design shoes. Within a few years, he developed his own label and came up with revolutionary red soles after noticing his assistant having her nails painted red.

2. Miu Miu:

Miu Miu International shoe brands

This name has been derived by Miuccia Prada from the family’s nickname. Customers are offered sophisticated, elegant, minimalistic designs. It had an eclectic, loud, and rather rebellious take on fashion. It convened concepts of feminism, luxury, and couture and came up with bold photographs, collections, and strategies. Also, it made an Investment analysis

3. Jimmy Choo:

Jimmy Choo International shoe brands

This brand has an elite and loyal customer base ranging from Carrie Bradshaw and Princess Diana. A Malaysian designer named Jimmy Choo launched this brand. He designed custom shoes that became popular quickly. He had an eye for details like pumps to sneakers. He caters to all classes of people and has also done sports sponsorship.

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4. Manolo Blahnik:

Manolo Blahnik International shoe brands

He is called popularly as Holy Man of ‘Heels’. He creates shoes with great passion, customizes them, and does not believe in mass production. He started his shoe journey in 1968 after meeting Diana Vreeland, the then editor-in-chief at Vogue magazine.

5. Alexander Mcqueen:

Alexander Mcqueen International shoe brands

His designs were quite eccentric that gained popularity very fast. In Givenchy, he got an opportunity as a designer and in a short time became its chief designer. Then he launched his own brand. Buying a pair of this brand of shoes is sure to set the wearer apart. He also indulged in sports sponsorship.

6. Tank Steiger (Walter Steiger):

Walter Steiger International shoe brands

This Geneva-based designer launched his brand in 1932. She created shoes using unique materials, and off-beat designs. Walter Steiger Jr., his eldest son joined the family business and later took over it. In 1974, he opened up a boutique in the beautiful city of Paris. He also opened up stress in New York, London, Milan, etc.

7. Stuart Weitzman:

Stuart Weitzman International shoe brands

He designed shoes for ‘Seymour Shoes’, his father’s footwear store in Massachusetts. His father’s demise had resulted in selling off his father’s company to a Spanish company. However, he continued providing designs to this company for next two decades. In 1994, he did an Investment analysis and repurchased it.

8. Brian Atwood:

Brian Atwood International shoe brands

He strongly believed in bold designs and did not compromise in anything. Italy-based Versace company had hired him directly! It led him to launch his own brand in 2001. It was only after starting designing for Versace that he realized to design sought-after shoes.

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9. Gucci:

Gucci International shoe brands

This Florence-based, Italian brand is considered to be an elite’s staple. It is popular for its exclusive design and impeccable quality. It also plays with details while experimenting using different materials. It also has come out with variety of products besides footwear that are equally popular. Their Marketing Strategy has helped them gain good foothold in the global market.

10. Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton International shoe brands

This name does not need any special introduction and an elite favorite. Being 150+ years old, they produce footwear, apparel, accessories, luggage bags, handbags, etc.

It is without a doubt that the above shoe brands have managed to create a fan base for themselves on a global scale.

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