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What Your Car Says About Your Business

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If you have a business that has more than a few company cars, it’s likely that your business is doing fairly well. Company cars tend to have logos emblazoned on them, so they can advertise your business.

However, what’s not always clear is just what your car can say about your business. This is why it’s crucial to pick a car that gives off the desired image.

Luxury Cars

If your company car is a luxury vehicle, people will assume you’re the boss.

  • They’ll assume that you’re successful and you work hard
  • They’ll automatically think you take good care of your car
  • They may assume you have a Chrysler extended warranty, free gas, and you wear a suit wherever you go

A luxury car seems to be something of a lavish vehicle that many people want. If they want to give the impression of having a successful business, this is the type of car to own.

Pickups and 4x4s

Pickups and 4x4s can convey toughness and authority. Cars such as these can be ideal if you want to tell others that you’re the boss.

Unfortunately, some studies have shown that many people choose pickups and 4x4s because they’re insecure. They may want a bigger car because their ego is somewhat lacking.

Think carefully about what image you want to convey when you buy a car. While you might want to look like you’re in charge, you don’t want to be seen in a negative light. Choose an alternative car instead.

Hybrid Cars

These days, many of us are choosing to buy a hybrid car. If your company car is a hybrid vehicle, it can say a lot about you.

A hybrid car can tell people that:

  • You care about the environment
  • You want to be more eco-friendly
  • You have good ethics
  • You’re prepared to pay more for a hybrid vehicle

If your business centers itself around being environmentally-friendly, this is the type of car to drive. Hybrid vehicles show that you’re serious about what you do.

Your Car’s Colors

Your car’s colors business

No matter what your favorite colors are, you need a car that conveys a message through its color. Most people assume that company cars are black as they convey professionalism. However, they can also be quite bright.

You don’t have to own a black company car, yours can be bright green, light blue, or even a mixture of colors. If you want to appear to be creative, your car needs to look creative.

Give the Right Impression

Not everyone is aware that the car they drive for work can convey so much. Giving out the right impression is vital. The right impression can help you to make a sale, boost your business, or make people take you more seriously.

Think about what you want your car to say about you before you buy one. When you do, you’re more likely to buy a car that’s suited to your business and not your personal preferences.

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