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What Types of Conflict are Good for Democracy?

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A democratic society would allow people to engage in conflicts and disagree on issues. Yet it also encourages people to compromise their positions for a solution that serves the good of the whole. In a way, conflicts are a positive feature of democracies worldwide. Here are some types of conflicts that are good for democracy.

Social Conflicts in Democracy

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  • Caste conflicts
  • Class conflicts
  • Communal conflicts
  • Religious conflicts
  • Gender conflicts

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The commencement of social conflicts often serves people’s interests in society. Though these conflicts can lead to disharmony yet, such clashes often contribute to the formation and growth of a society. To engage all classes and groups of society in the political process, democratic institutions deliberately bring the constructive conflict to the political system.

Organized attempts such as rebellion and revolution are forms of social conflicts that can result in a sweeping change. These elements can uproot a social order that promotes injustice. Social conflicts give birth to social movements that provide a platform for people to struggle against a cruel social structure.

It is often observed that the process of arguing on issues in social conflicts often leads groups to gain consciousness of their state and the nature of their problems. Usually, a constructive social conflict becomes the cause of unity and solidarity among social groups.

Conflicts of Values

You might get into a conflict when you wonder if I have to write my essay on values, yet I disagree with the values my professor believes in. Values conflict has always encouraged the younger generation to struggle for a different order.

Conflicts of values democracy

It is a type of conflict that allows the youngsters to challenge values an older generation sets. Conflict of values contributes to the evolvement of society for better living standards. Such conflicts enable people to raise their voices for their beliefs and ideals, fundamental rights democratic societies promote.

For a productive outcome of the process of debate on conflicts related to values, you need to ensure the following points.

  • Allow all the groups to contribute meaningfully to the process.
  • Across all perspectives, rules should be applied fairly.
  • Each group should take responsibility for its claims.
  • Groups should not practice violence to prove their point.
  • All the groups should stay focused on the topic.

Realistic Conflicts

For the progression of democracy, individuals in a democratic society are given freedom and rights. Modern democratic societies would discourage anything that limits the will of individuals and groups. For example, if you declare that I want an expert to write my essays for me, a democratic society will respect the fact that you have a right to make your own decisions.

If a society doesn’t give freedom to individuals, then realistic conflicts often arise in such societies. In this type of conflict, something concrete is at stake. Realistic conflicts occur when an individual or a group demands their rights and powerful authorities refuse to accept these just demands. If such a conflict occurs, people will unite for a cause, and this act will promote democracy.

Non-Realistic Conflicts

These types of conflicts arise when groups in societies target each other to prove that they are superior to others. There is nothing real at stake in such conflicts, and groups are often involved in such conflicts for psychological satisfaction.

It is a type of conflict that contributes positively to a democratic society as each group works for betterment to prove their superiority. It seems to be a conflict that needs to be avoided, but in reality, when distinct groups troll each other, they also push each other to excel for perfection.

Intragroup Conflict

It is a type of conflict that occurs when there are differences within a group over any issue. It also promotes democracy as people within the group learn to appreciate the difference of opinion. Democratic values are promoted when groups collectively try to solve a common problem despite their differences.

The conflict has played an undeniably important role in strengthening democracy worldwide. Democratic societies have successfully resolved social issues with the help of conflicts. The use of non-violent techniques in conflict resolution has enabled societies to debate their issues and find sustained solutions to their problems.

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