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What to Put in a Perfect Employee Welcome Package

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On their first day on the job, you want your new employees to feel like they belong in your workplace. You’ll want them to know who to talk to, what their place is in the organisation, and what you expect from them. Although training sessions and onboarding seminars give them this sort of information, it’s better if they have all these resources at once. You can equip your new employees with everything they need with a perfect Employee welcome package. Make sure this greeting bundle contains key documents, giveaways, and materials so that your new colleague can enjoy his first weeks.


Your employee’s welcome package should come with copies of the relevant documents that they signed when you hired them. These documents include a copy of their employment contract, a list of the terms and conditions about their position, and any confidentiality agreements.

It should also come with an employee handbook, which will serve as their reference guide as they begin to adjust to life in your workplace. This handbook should contain information on your human resource policies, training materials and expectation, and all of your company’s rules, from dress code to attendance.

Another document must contain any vital details they’ll need to start working. These details include the login information for their workstations, important e-mail addresses or resource sites, and the password to your corporate Wi-Fi network.


Gifts are a great way to show employees your appreciation, but they’re not just for their anniversaries or birthdays. You can put great giveaways in your welcome package to tell your latest hire that you appreciate their decision to join your business. If you have the information, a map of local bus routes or train stations could make it easier for a new employee to come to work.

But what sort of free items should you include in their welcome packages? Companies like Dynamic Gift offer a selection of such items that you can use to fill up your bundles. Although employees can be pleased with simple items, like armbands and lanyards, you could give them things that will help them with their job. These things could be as ubiquitous as a selection of pens and stationery to more useful items, like planners, journals, and other office paraphernalia.

These kinds of giveaways offer your new employee some tools to organize their work life and help them start their week efficiently.

Supplementary Materials

Don’t forget to give them some materials that will help them navigate their way around the social and physical aspects of your office. A map of your workplace is appropriate if you have a large office and prevents them from wasting time wandering around looking for things and rooms. New employees who have just moved into the area will also appreciate maps of local restaurants, stores, and gyms.

Additional materials, like your company’s organizational chart and a copy of your vision and mission statement, also help foster a sense of belongingness in your latest hire.

An employee welcome package isn’t just a random collection of things that they’ll like; it should serve a bridge between you and the newest member of your organization. By putting together the perfect welcome bundle, you show them your appreciation on their first day.

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