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What to Consider When Choosing a Shipping Company

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Shipping freight is not like simply sending a letter. When shipping freight you have to choose the right shipping company to save yourself money. Make sure your items are shipped and delivered promptly.

To make sure that your items are shipped safely, and arrive promptly. Do not cost you a fortune to send there are certain considerations you must give to your shipping company choice.

Shipping Company Considerations

Speed of Delivery

Everyone wants everything to be delivered within the shortest amount of time possible. You want to choose the shipping company that can guarantee you the fastest delivery of your freight. Pay close attention to that last sentence because the word guarantee is the key thing to focus on.

Any company can tell you that they are capable of delivering your freight promptly. But you want to go with the company that guarantees the delivery within a certain amount of time. With a guarantee, you can be sure that your freight is going to reach its destination in the time frame you require.

Guarantee services refunds are offered by shipping carriers. These refunds say that if the item arrives later than you were quoted the company will refund the cost of shipping. These refunds can be as time-sensitive as one minute. That means if the delivery is one minute later than quoted then the shipping is free.

Shipping Company Support

One of the key considerations concerning your shipping company should be the amount of support they offer to their customers. The support includes tracking information and the ability that you have to know where the freight is, and the expected delivery time.

Support can be offered through telephone calls, emails, or just tracking number verification. You want a company that keeps you updated and is ready to help answer your questions and solve your problems.

Some companies offer support technicians only during the hours the offices of the company are open. Some companies offer customer support 24/7. The 24/7 option means you can contact them when it is convenient for you and not just when it is convenient for them.

Shipping freight choosing a shipping company

Shipping Company Services they Offer

If you ship freight regularly for your business you must hire a shipping company that is capable of handling all of your shipping needs. You want a company that offers all of the services you need so you do not have to employ several different companies to get your products shipped properly.

The cost of a company that offers different shipping services may be higher than the cost of a company that offers just one service. You have to consider how much it will cost you to deal with more than one company and keep track of your items when they are in the hands of multiple companies.

Sometimes a slightly higher cost from a company that offers more services works out to be a money saver in the end.

Shipping Company Insurance Options

The question of insurance needs to be high on your list of considerations when you are choosing a shipping company. You know that when you packaged the freight and handed it over to the shipping company the contents of the containers were in good working order. If something happens to the items before they reach your customer or their destination you want to be assured that the shipping carrier is going to take full responsibility and pay the replacement cost.

Insurance is a major concern because it means that you can guarantee your customers that their items will arrive on time and in good condition.


We hate to say it but the amount that it will cost to ship the freight is a major concern for everyone. If the shipping rates are very high then that is going to make you have to increase the amount you charge your customers or decrease the number of profits you expect to make off of each sale and transaction.

You cannot afford to raise the costs and you surely cannot afford to lose money on each sale. Finding a carrier that charges reasonable rates that do not create financial havoc for you is important.

International Considerations

When you are shipping freight overseas you need to consider the route the freight will travel. The route will be part of what delays or speeds up the delivery of the items. Some ports may experience a greater amount of congestion which means that packages processed through those ports take longer amounts of time to arrive at their final destination.

Carrier Storage

If your freight arrives at a location and is awaiting delivery with other items then you want to know that the carrier you have chosen has storage facilities to protect and safeguard your items. You want to know where the warehouses are located, the amount of storage available at those warehouses, and the amount of security that is provided at those warehouses.

Requirements and Identification

To make certain that your freight is delivered to the right address you want to hire a carrier that is going to request proper identification from whomever receives the package. That means that whoever receives the package will have to prove their identity and sign for the freight.

This identification process can save you from having people say they never received their shipment, or saying that their items were damaged when they received them. It is like an insurance policy that you have to have.


When considering a shipping carrier to transport your freight you need to think about:

  1. The amount the carrier charges for the freight
  2. The number and type of services they offer
  3. The tracking and support they offer
  4. The insurance they offer
  5. The speed at which they can deliver

Final Thought

When your business requires that you ship your packages you want to make sure you are using a company that will safely deliver your goods with the least amount of cost and stress. The shipping company you choose may be as important as the materials you choose to build your products out of. They reflect on your business and you want your customers to see the carrier as responsible, friendly, and easy to work with.

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