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HomeTipsWhat Should You Know About Unfinished Engineered Wood flooring?

What Should You Know About Unfinished Engineered Wood flooring?

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Home decor enthusiasts always prefer natural wood flooring. Concerned about their suitability for specific rooms and areas, people take a step back. Unfinished engineered wood flooring is a perfect choice for people who want to make their flooring look real. Layers of plywood create unfinished engineered wood flooring stuck together with a slice of raw solid wood on top. This authentic wood slice gives extra strength and power for retaining the shape for a more extended period.

During supply, no lacquer or oil is applied to this kind of wood flooring. It gives the liberty to complete the new floor according to the preference on installation. To provide a perfect look for unfinished engineered wood flooring, one can even apply colors. The wood flooring gives a beautiful look to the house and is preferred by most people. Its durability and versatility have made it one of the most dominant flooring these days.

Customization Of Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring

Every home decor enthusiast wants to customize their home according to their preference. This wood flooring gives the liberty to customize flooring in various attractive ways. This flooring is entirely raw like a clean slate, and any customizations can be done.

Unfinished engineered wood flooring natural wood flooring

Any style or look that goes with the theme of the home can be turned out precisely in the same manner by unfinished engineered wood flooring. The colors and stains can be customized to this flooring to suit the interior decor. Different kinds of edge profiles can also be customized on these hardwood floors.

Installation Flexibility

The flexibility of unfinished engineered wood flooring is outstanding. There is no comparison of durability as compared to this kind of flooring. Even during the installation process, the strength and flexibility of this flooring remain unaffected. To coordinate with existing flooring, unfinished engineered wood flooring is very compatible; it can be installed in any home area.

Unfinished engineered wood flooring can be handled even when there is a moisture and humidity level change. Since finished hardwood flooring only has selected colors and stains to offer, people go for this wood flooring to get the exact appearance they desire at their homes.

Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring Endless Colour Option

Before sealing the wood, unfinished engineered wood flooring gives a variety of options to change the entire look of the floor. There is an opportunity to use colors that can barely be found in finished hardwood flooring. The conventional stain color can be combined with other stains to give an exotic look to the flooring. Attractive finishes are also available to these floorings like matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss.

The Bottom Line

Even though finished hardwood flooring is standard in many homes, unfinished engineered wood flooring is the most desirable flooring nowadays. With distinctive features and unmatched advantages, this kind of flooring has become the trendiest wood flooring to match the interior decor of homes.

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