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What Is Freeform App In Apple And How To Use It

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While new technologies are gradually appearing on the scene, Apple is still one of the leaders in creating impressive applications that give users more tools and simplify interacting with gadgets. Among its diverse range of products, the FreeForm app stands out in many ways, and users like it as it offers them a unique platform for artistic expression and productivity. In this article, you will find out what the Freeform app is about, its beneficial characteristics, and how to apply it to your Apple device.

What is Freeform App?

So, what is freeform app? Freeform is a software application developed by Apple Inc. to create and organize digital materials freely and collaborate mindlessly. Unlike your paper and pen or productivity apps, FreeForm offers you a more flexible open canvas that you can use to quickly sketch, make notes, mark your documents, or even more. It combines drawing landscapes, text input, and multimedia integration, making it a convenient tool for easily and smoothly drawing ideas, concepts, and thoughts.

Key Features of Freeform

1. Flexible canvas

Freeform’s standout unique advantage is its completely unhindered area, which allows a producer to freely explore the many options in the area, such as brainstorming information, sketching, and even designing mind maps without using a template or a preset area. This freedom is the core of the “organic” and creative nature of blogging, which gives people free rein to express themselves.

2. Drawing tools

Freehand comes with a rich set of drawing tools: smudges, pencils, inks, rulers, and erasers, which enables the users to create the finest illustrations or some playful doodles with accuracy. The app allows users to have the pressure sensitivity feature, which gives the lines and strokes different opacitopacities depending on the pressure you apply.

3. Text input

Also, the program offers text graphics using different fonts, sizes, and styles to give the creations more depth and sophistication. Whether they are writing annotations of images, keeping notes, or even making presentations, text can be easily embedded into these projects to transfer the right information to the right audience.

4. Multimedia integration

The medium supports multimedia incorporation, which forces creators to embed images, videos, audio, and websites. Therefore, the ability of users to enrich their content through media elements, which further beautify their pages, increases their level of communication.

5. Organization and collaboration

Sharing the creations via Free form is highly notified because one may categorize them into tags for easy retrieval and share them with collaborators working on a project and requiring feedback or collaboration. Meanwhile, the ease of setting priorities solo or in a group with effective Freeform organization techniques helps keep users well organized and enables them to perform the tasks perfectly.

How to use Freeform App on Apple devices

How to use freeform app on apple devices

Next, we will explore the principal elements of the app after focusing on using the app properly on your Apple gadget. Whether you are an iPhone, iPad, or Mac user, accessing and using Freeform is aligned with how you go about it.

1. Download and install freeform

If this is not yet the case, you need to download the Freeform software from the App Store on your iOs device. The app is free of charge and fully compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac systems without interruption.

2. Launch the Freeform App

Once you have finished installing, please locate the app icon on your device’s home screen or application launcher. After that, give a tap to initiate the app. About Mac, you can discover the Freeform app by opening the Applications folder or using the Spotlight search.

3. Create a new project

You will see a panel of options on Freeform, where you can see the newest change or a convenient place to return to any of your previously created projects. If you are willing to start a project from scratch, swipe to the “New Project” button, and if you need any template, you can start it with it.

4. Explore drawing tools

With your paint bucket of Freeform, you get some time to mull through the different drawing tools available in the program. Try a variety of brushes, pencils, and markers to find out what each can do. At your disposal are the toolbar and sidebar controls for such options as thickness, opacity, and brush color.

5. Add text and multimedia

Once you catch a swing with your sketching talent, try adding text and other objects around your project. Then, click on the toolbar buttons with the icons corresponding to inserting text boxes, images, videos, audio recordings, or web clippings. You can use all features of this function, like resizing, moving, and rotating the elements to develop composition.

6. Organize your creations

Amid your Freeform projects proliferation, ensure you always remain in order. Use the folder and tagging options to group your perceptions; you can locate them more easily afterward. You can organize your content under separate topics, projects, or clients by simply creating folders for them, using tags that will help you locate individual creations quickly.

7. Collaborate with others

Freeform offers shared features that make it possible for you to get your projects examined and comment on them by others, which can be either just for feedback purposes or you can collaborate on them. Click on the share button, and then you can use email addresses to invite collaborators or generate a shareable link, which you can introduce via messaging apps, social media, or any other means. You can see with your eyes whether others are working on it or if they have already commented on some piece of the project. This will help ease communication when you are not working together in person because you can edit the work as they do.

8. Export and share your work

When your work is done, it can be saved in several formats suitable for sharing and archival purposes. This permits you to export your works of art as a PDF or image or as a Freeform export file that can be edited inside the app. You can also go one step further by directly uploading your work to other apps or system services that you may already have installed on your device, such as email, messaging, or cloud storage.


To summarize, Freeform is a whole-round-minded application that allows device users to be creative and effective with an Apple device. Whether you want to sketch ideas, open documents, or collaborate with colleagues, Goodnews is that multitouch screen monitors provide a variety of canvases and advanced tools and are always there to give you a boost to reach your milestones. Using the procedures described in this article can ensure that you fully utilize the features of freeform and that you can deliver quality digital work. So why wait? Today is when you start to explore your creativity by installing Freeform on your terminated Apple device.

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