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What Features Do You Need in a Potent Anti-Virus System?

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An antivirus software tool can be your ultimate tool in your fight against cyber threats. While cybersecurity is a significant concern today, leading many users to pay extra attention to their online activities, there are still cybercriminals out there who are waiting for that one slip that they can use to attack your system and use it to their best advantage. With an advanced antivirus system, you can eliminate almost all kinds of cyber threats and secure your system. You can consider programs like Total AV for your system protection.

Here are some of the features which your antivirus system must-have for your network’s safety.

1. Malware Protection

Malware protection

Your antivirus should provide you with protection against viruses and a wide range of malware. Virus, Trojans, and Zero-Day attacks are growing commoner by the day. The malware could arrive at your computer through targeted phishing or by visiting a website.

The primary function of your antivirus software should be to notify you immediately about such threats. It should be able to detect and remove malicious emails and suspicious links. It should also be able to scan your computer at regular intervals to make sure that no virus or malware has been downloaded to your computer in the intervening period.

2. Spyware Protection

Cybercriminals are using new and innovative ways to spy on your online activities. They are also using your webcam to spy on you. This is how they track your online activities and send you spear-phishing emails. Keeping them away from your online activities is the best way to protect yourself from targeted attacks.

Your antivirus program should have robust spyware protection. It should also have VPN protection, which disguises your actual location so that the attackers cannot figure out where you are operating your system.

3. Easy to Operate

While this might seem like a trivial feature, it is not. Your antivirus program should protect you from all kinds of complicated threats, but it should itself have a simple interface. It would help if you did not have to search high and low for starting a manual scan or go through the list of sites that have been red marked by the software so that you are careful about visiting them in the future.

A simple design will also prevent your computer from slowing down and let you get on with your work smoothly even when scanning your system in the background.

4. Cloud Protection

Most antivirus software programs are designed to give your physical computer optimum protection. However, what about the data you have stored in the cloud? If you have stored too much sensitive data in the cloud, look for advanced features to protect your cloud-enabled system.

While storing your data in the cloud is an excellent move to avoid data destruction if there is irreversible damage to your hardware or motherboard, it can also leave your information vulnerable and exposed to third parties. Cloud-enabled advanced protection from your antivirus will take care of this issue.

4. Patch Management

This is a new age feature that not only keeps your computer safe but also keeps your other software updated, making your system inherently strong. Cybercriminals often try to gain entry into the system through outdated software because they are more vulnerable and do not stand much of a chance against modern attacking methods, like an exploit kit. It is a kind of software that finds the soft spots in software and then attacks accordingly. Your antivirus should be able to send you timely updates about when it is time to update your systems so that you can keep enjoying optimum protection.

5. Easy to License

Your antivirus system should be resourceful and should justify the costs. You should be able to get the licensing easily and should be able to renew it quickly if the validity expires. To understand if it meets your requirements, be sure to verify the performance data first hand rather than merely trusting the manufacturer’s claims.

If you are using the entire workplace program, it should also support centralized distribution and administration. It should not create errors in your system with your enterprise application or other proprietary programs. That might increase the costs of maintenance, and the system will not remain cost-effective for you.

Always choose antivirus protection best suited for your needs and matches your system requirements and not because it keeps showing up on your ads. You can look up programs like Total AV for more details. Your antivirus should detect threats in real-time and safeguard your online activities at all times, even when you are not looking.

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