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What Does No Caller ID Mean? How To Find No Caller IDs And Stop Them?

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Mobile phones play a key role in modern life today because they come with different features that help perform various tasks efficiently. However, cyber crimes are increasing day by day these days due to scams and other fraudulent activities. Many companies want to promote their products through telemarketing services to increase their sales. As a result, individuals face several risks that need immediate attention especially when dealing with calls from No Caller ID. They should know how to handle phone calls when the numbers are not displayed on a device screen which helps them minimize unwanted issues.

What does No Caller ID mean?

When a phone user receives a call with “No Caller ID” on a device screen, it means the caller has hidden his identity. A caller will remain anonymous, and a phone user may not know where the call is coming from or who is making the call. No Caller ID is mainly used for illegal activities that don’t involve tracking activities. Some scammers or stalkers will take advantage of the “No Caller ID” feature, which may lead to security threats. Understanding what a no-caller ID means will help you take further action against disappointment and other issues. It even gives ways to prevent scams and other problems effectively.

“No Caller ID” is different from “unknown caller,” which appears on a device screen. An “unknown caller “may appear due to network issues and other problems even though a caller is on the contact list. The problem mainly occurs when a telecom company faces difficulties in registering or identifying a number. It may also appear when someone tries to contact a person from abroad.

How to find out the No Caller ID on an iPhone device?

Those who are using iPhone devices should follow some methods when they want to know the details of a No Caller ID.

Here are some techniques to use to find a no-caller ID.

1. Checking the recent call list

No caller id

An iPhone user should check the list of recent calls after receiving a No Caller ID on their device. Since the number is still recorded in a device’s call log, one can tap it easily to know whether it is a known number or not.

2. Using a third-party app

A third-party app will help iPhone users identify and block unknown calls. Some popular third-party apps include Truecaller and Hiya, which cater to the needs of users. They provide methods to manage unwanted calls better to ensure peace of mind from unwanted issues.

3. Contacting the telecom network service provider

Android and iPhone users can contact the telecom service provider immediately. A telecom service provider will guide them to find out the no-caller ID numbers. Expert teams will offer them various options that will help them accomplish their goals.

4. Enabling a silent unknown caller feature

Enabling a silence unknown caller feature lets users receive calls to their voicemails without ringing. While this feature may not help identify a caller, it provides methods to minimize the disruptions caused by no-caller ID calls.

What are the ways to stop no-caller ID calls?

1. Using the *57 code

The first and foremost way to stop No Caller ID is by using the *57 code, and a user should dial this code on a device’s keypad. It will trigger and send a request to the mobile carrier to trace the number immediately. However, it is a paid service, and iPhone users have to pay the charges once.

2. Using a device’s caller ID

Some mobile companies provide in-built caller IDs on a device to ensure more protection from unwanted issues. Anyone who wants to block or stop no-caller ID calls can use them to meet their needs. At the same time, they should follow the instructions properly to block the calls.

3. Reporting spam calls

Reporting spam calls

Reporting spam calls allows a device user to block the calls and prevent them from reaching others. Android and iPhone users can opt for “Don’t call ” to block various types of phone calls from telemarketers and others.

4. Not sharing phone numbers with others

Sharing phone numbers with third parties will result in various problems, and a phone user should avoid the practice. While submitting the phone numbers online, one should make sure that a website offers high protection for the data.

5. Dialling *57

Android and iPhone users can dial *57 to trace the no-caller ID after receiving a call. They will get a confirmation tone or beep when the caller ID trace is successful. However, a device user may hear an error beep if the trace is not successful. On the other hand, the service is not free, and a person has to pay for every call trace. A phone user should know how to use the service correctly when they need help from the law enforcement department.

Guidelines to block no-caller ID calls on Android devices

Android phone users who want to block No Caller ID calls on their devices should go to a dial pad first. The next step is that they have to choose three dot lines located on the top right side of the screen. One should now go to the “settings “option and tap” block numbers.” In the next step, a user should turn on the “block unknown callers” option. Following these steps enables Android users to prevent phone numbers that don’t have a caller ID.


Phone calls with no caller IDs may cause several problems when a device user fails to control them. Both Android and iPhone users should focus on what No Caller ID” means to help implement best practices when they want to block unknown calls. Furthermore, they can prevent scams and other problems that lead to financial losses.

A mobile phone user should take steps to reduce anonymous or suspicious calls that can affect their privacy. They allow them to stay away from potential threats in life. Also, they can track the calls that provide ways to ensure more protection from threats. Finding a phone call with a No Caller ID lets users proceed further, which helps block calls accordingly.

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