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What Are the Different Types of Websites?

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Around 576,000 websites go live every day and no two websites are the same. Each website should have a unique design and specific purpose. Still, you can put websites in groups based on the similarities that they have with each other.

Are you building a website? If so, it’s good to know about the different types of websites. This can help you figure out what you want your website to look like.

Read on to learn about the different websites you can make.

Wiki Website

The term “wiki” comes from the online encyclopedia site Wikipedia. These types of sites act as online encyclopedias. Their purpose is to provide information to their visitors.

But most wikis aren’t as general as Wikipedia. They usually have a specific area that they specialize in. You can find wikis that cover the details of books, movies, hobbies, etc.

Blog/News Website 

Blogs or news sites also exist to educate their visitors. The difference is that every new post on this site is new.

The topics of blogs or news sites are also highly focused. But people who write blogs are more likely to talk about themselves. This shouldn’t happen with wikis.

Business Website 

A business website has most of the information one could need about a business. But this website’s purpose isn’t just to inform. It also needs to convince clients and customers to work with a business.

Business website websites

Portfolio Website 

A portfolio website is like a business website. The difference is that it usually centers around the accomplishments of an individual. By showing these accomplishments, the person with the portfolio hopes to convince people to work with them.

Forum Website 

A forum website is a site where people chat with each other. Usually, one person will make a post asking a question, sharing a picture, etc. Then other users will comment on that post.

E-commerce Website 

An e-commerce website is an online store. The biggest example of such a site is Amazon. But there are plenty of smaller, more niche e-commerce sites around the web.

Tips for Building Types of Websites 

Designing a website is not a task you should take lightly. It can be a rather complex process depending on the website options you’re going with.

  • Hire help like the FreeUp web developers
  • Use basic design rules to beautify your website layout
  • Make sure your website features are functional
  • Ask others for their opinions on your website
  • Put yourself in your target visitors’ shoes
  • Check and fix any grammar and/or spelling errors

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So design your site based on what you decide it will be. But no matter what types of websites you design, they should always have a certain level of quality. Having both of these features should give your visitors the best possible experience.

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