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Vespa’s creators just unveiled a personal cargo robot

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Some representatives of Piaggio Group, the creators of Vespa, announced just a few days ago an interesting news. They have designed an autonomous robot, programmed to follow you and carry your luggage everywhere.

The most stressful thing when going on vacation and having to travel long distances happens when you have to carry your heavy luggage.

No matter how small or large are your bags, carrying them from one place to another is reflected in a significant effort.

If you also have a bike that doesn’t allow you to hang this luggage, the problem becomes even more complex.

The solution of transporting your luggage

The same team of designers responsible for Vespa scooters has dedicated all the attention to an autonomous robot that can carry your luggage from side to side.

Titled Gita, the new gadget is really the first product of an independent division within the group Piaggio Fast Forward.

In the long term, it seems that we will see some other robotic systems to come out of the same hands.

The idea behind this invention is quite simple

The idea behind this invention cargo robot

Using an electric battery, the robot can carry your bags anywhere, but it is programmed to respect several criteria.

It cannot travel at a speed greater than 35 km/h and it can either follow the indications on a map or follow you as you walk in front of it.

Due to its unique design, the machine can turn 180 degrees on the spot, while the maximum transportable bag has to weight under 18,5 kilograms.

In the first stage of development, the robot will be sold only by business-to-business programs, specially dedicated to corporations.

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