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Tips for Buying a Used Harley

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Motorcycle buyers love and appreciate the elegance and beauty of a Harley Davidson. The motorcycles are a symbol of prestige and high quality. The manufacturers thrive for excellence when creating the classic motorcycles. Buyers who can buy a Harley go to great lengths to ensure the quality and performance of the bike they purchase. Individuals who have never purchased a motorcycle previously can follow tips for avoiding a bad purchase and ensure their motorcycle is a superior choice.

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Review the Prices for the Current Inventory

Buyers assess the prices for the current inventory of Harley Davidson motorcycles. They’ll look for motorcycles that are within their budget and priced affordably. The Kelley Blue Book provides current prices for Harleys according to their year and model. When buying a motorcycle, the individual must review the value of the preferred model before buying to ensure they are not overpaying. Knowing the value of the motorcycles gives the buyer room to negotiate with the seller. Buyers who are looking for a bike must prepare for their purchase and define a budget.

Total Number of Previous Owners

How many previous owners have owned the motorcycle defines how well the bike was maintained, and fewer owners could indicate a higher quality of motorcycle. For instance, if there were fewer than three owners, the bike is more likely it great shape. Examining how long each owner owned the motorcycle defines if they were likely to take great care of the motorcycle. If a motorcycle has several owners, it could be an indicator that the motorcycle doesn’t perform as expected. The buyer should inquire about the total number of owners when reviewing any motorcycle. This could help them avoid buying a lemon.

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How Does It Look?

Harley Davidson motorcycles

The current condition of the motorcycle defines if it is worth the asking price. If the bike body has dents and imperfections, this could decrease the value of the motorcycle. The buyer must review the bike for damage and obvious signs of rust. Rust and corrosion destroy metal and weakens the motorcycle. When reviewing the motorcycle, the buyer must consider if there are signs such as a milky paint surface. This indicates that the seller painted over rust instead of repairing it. This could lead to a problem as the paint chips away. If the milky film is on the gas tank, the buyer will need to replace the gas tank after buying the bike.

Were There Any Accidents?

A history of accidents determines how much damage the motorcycle sustained. If there are records of accidents, the buyer should review what repairs were required, and if the seller completed these repairs properly. A history of multiple accidents could indicate that the motorcycle has sustained extensive damage and has depreciated in value. It could also indicate that some parts might not belong to a Harley Davidson and may be after-market motorcycle parts. It affects the price if there are any parts that weren’t designed for a Harley installed on the motorcycle.

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Are You Trading in Your Bike?

If the buyer is trading in a motorcycle, they must know the market value of their motorcycle and discuss the trade-in value with the dealership. The trade-in value is deducted from the total cost of the motorcycle they purchase. If the buyer requires financing, the trade-in value is deducted from the total loan amount with interest. In-house financing presents the total cost of the motorcycle and the amount the buyer pays each month. The buyer can review the calculations for the loan and the total price for the motorcycle. A review determines that the finances manager completed the calculations properly.

Review Maintenance for the Specific Model

Maintenance requirements for the Harley Davidson motorcycle define what the buyer must do to maintain the motorcycle. If they were to buy a new motorcycle, the buyer would follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the warranty. Even if they are familiar with motorcycle maintenance, buyers should review the manufacturer’s instructions. A well-maintained motorcycle gives the buyer a great return on their investment.

Get a Quote for Insurance

Motorcycle insurance isn’t required by all states, but it protects the owner against a serious loss. It provides coverage for the motorcycle owner if they are involved in an accident and will provide coverage for anyone they injure and property damage. If the motorcycle is financed, the buyer will need to get comprehensive and collision coverage. The policies replace the Harley if it is a total loss. Buyers should get a quote for insurance before they buy a Harley, and they will know how much they will pay each month between the insurance premiums and the monthly loan payments.

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Review the VIN Number on the Bike and the Documentation

Assessing the VIN number on the bike and the documentation ensures that the buyer isn’t purchasing a motorcycle that was stolen. If they purchase the motorcycle through a dealership, they can rest assured the dealership managed this assessment thoroughly. However, if they buy the vehicle from a private seller, it’s a great idea to complete the evaluation. If the motorcycle was stolen, the VIN numbers won’t match because if they do there is clear evidence to lock up the seller. But the buyer could be guilty of receiving stolen merchandise if they buy a motorcycle from a private seller, and the motorcycled was stolen.

Motorcycle buyers must review common elements when buying a Harley Davidson. They start by evaluating the listing price and compare it to the Kelley Blue Book value for the bike. They assess the current condition of the motorcycle and look for imperfections and signs of rust. The motorcycle should be in great condition and shouldn’t present the buyer with extra upfront costs. The total number of previous owners could determine if the bike is a great choice or if it has serious issues. A history of accidents could present the buyer with more issues if the damage wasn’t repaired appropriately. Reviewing vital details about the motorcycle prevents the buyer from buying an inferior Harley.

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