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UK Only Major Economy To Experience Shrinkage in 2023, IMF Says

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The Economy Contraction and the United Kingdom

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as household costs of living continue to rise, the UK economy will contract and perform inferior to other industrialized economies.

Instead of expanding modestly as originally expected, the GDP would decrease by 0.6% in 2023, according to the IMF.

The IMF did add, though, that it currently believes the UK economy is “on track” following the Autumn Statement.

The UK did better than many expectations last year, according to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

The UK is “lagging behind our counterparts,” according to the numbers, according to shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves.

The IMF, which seeks to stabilize economic development, predicted that the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would decrease this year instead of increase by 0.3% in its World Economic Outlook update.

GDP is a gauge of an economy’s health, and in one that is expanding, each quarter’s GDP statistic will be marginally higher than the one before.

When Does a Recession Take Place?

A country is said to be in a recession and to be experiencing a weak economy if its GDP declines for two consecutive quarters. Usually, this results in lower profits for businesses and an increase in the unemployment rate.

The IMF forecast that, among advanced and developing economies worldwide, the UK was the only nation to see a year of decreasing GDP. Now, even Russia, which is under sanctions, is expected to rise this year.

When does a recession take place imf forecast

How Does It Apply to the United Kingdom?

The IMF claimed that its updated prediction took into account the UK’s high energy costs and current financial circumstances, including rising inflation.

According to IMF Chief Economist Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, the UK experienced “quite solid” growth in 2022 of 4.1%, which would have been “one of the greatest growth figures in Europe,” according to the BBC.

Bank of England Has Increased the Interest Rates.

Since December 2021, the Bank of England has increased interest rates nine times in an effort to slow the rate at which prices are rising. Because many mortgages have adjustable interest rates, according to Mr. Gourinchas, these rate increases “soon fed into mortgages.”

“As a result, many mortgaged homeowners are seeing an increase in their loan repayments.”

The UK’s prediction, according to Mr. Gourinchas, also took into account the employment level, which was still under pre-pandemic levels.

The UK was “clearly attempting to carefully manage these multiple problems, and we think that they are currently on the right path,” he said of the proposals presented by the Treasury in the months after the Autumn Statement.

Additionally, the IMF predicted that the UK economy will expand by 0.9% in 2024, up from its earlier prediction of 0.6%.

The United Kingdom Is Going Into Recession

The UK did not represent the only large economy having problems, according to Sophie Lund Yates, senior stock analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, as well as the potential it might “squeak out a bit more positive” than the IMF had forecast.

She continued, “The Bank of England’s own forecasts are a little bit more optimistic than [the IMF’s have been].

“But generally speaking, we are headed for a recession, and the key question is how severe it will be.”

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