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UK High Potential Individual Visa: Requirements, Validity, Process, Fees

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From 30th May of 2022, the high potential visa the UK has been laying a path for migrants who lack sponsors or job offers to get to the UK. It’s been geared toward the notion of migrants sharing their knowledge, expertise, and innovation to boost the United Kingdom’s economy. Suffice it to say; that the route is open for anyone with a higher level of education, entrepreneur mindset, or simply innovative spirited.

Since it falls under the United Kingdom work visas, its application procedures slightly have a commonality with other types of visas. Below we will talk about the requirements, fees, application procedure, and the HPI visa UK validity period.

Prerequisites for the acquisition of the high potential individual visa

1. The UK Visas and immigration strictly require that one should have,

2. An active passport or traveling documents authorized by the government

3. Applicants must show proof of knowledge of the English language

4. Present a biometric residence permit

5. Marriage certificates and certificates of birth if you are applying with your family

6. Bank statements indicating a balance of £1,270 for your upkeep

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria

You might be eligible for the HPI visa UK if you had been awarded a studentship in a university under the global universities category in the last half-decade. The university eligibility may depend on the month you landed the award because the entry of a university in the global list differs with time.

Further applicants may also be eligible if they have a bachelor’s degree, Ph.D., or post-graduate degree in the UK. Lastly, you need to show your proficiency in the English language with either a secure language test certificate or a B1 from the CEFR for language. You are exempt if you are from an English native country or have a degree in English.

However, the eligibility for the HPI visa UK may be compromised if you had a graduate Visa or you got to the UK as a member of the student Doctorate extensions. Also, your application won’t be approved if you had the HPI visa before.

What’s the application procedure for the HPI visa in the UK

Unlike other work visas, you don’t need an employment offer in the UK to apply for the high potential individual visa. Still, you must fill out an online visa application form and upload supporting documents depending on where you are from and your passport. You will also need to photograph their face to ensure they can get their biometric residence permit.

Depending on the circumstance, the application documents may need to be scanned from an application center. You, therefore, have to schedule an appointment. Also, not that the application center has the right to keep your passports during this process.

How much does the high potential individual visa UK cost?

The costs will vary if you move to the UK with your family. But, as an individual, the application procedures will cost you less. The high-potential individual program attracts a £715 application fee. In case you got dependents, it attracts the same application fee per person. In addition, there is also an immigration health surcharge for the current year at £624. And for kids below 18, the fee is GBP 470 per year.

Besides these, you need GBP210 to check your eligibility with Ecctis if you are outside the UK. For UK residents it costs GBP252 for the same. Additionally, you need to support yourself financially for a whole year while in the UK, and the cost estimates amount to GBP1,270. But if you have been living in the UK with a valid Visa, you are exempted from this requirement. Your family will also have to show proof of sustainability fee enough for all the members.

How long will the processing of the HPI visa be in the UK?

It might take three weeks to receive a decision on a visa application if you’re coming from outside of the UK. Meanwhile, applications made by individuals based in the UK can take up to eight weeks to be decided.

The whole application procedures may even take longer to process if your supporting paperwork needs more verification or if there are appointments to be met. Additionally, if you have a criminal record, the immigration officer may be prompted to make a follow-up on the conviction. This may further prolong the time for a decision.

What should you expect after submitting your application?

After you apply and your application has been processed, your application will be evaluated, and a decision on dismissal or acceptance will be communicated to you. If you are successful, you may get a sticker (called a vignette) on your passport (This is only if you had submitted biometric information at a visa application center). You may still be given the access needed to check your immigration information online.

If you have received a vignette in your passport, it is not automatically valid as a residence permit in the United Kingdom. The biometric residence permit should be obtained before the vignette expires or within ten days of entering the country.

If your application is refused, the agency you applied to will send a letter or email explaining why your application was turned down and return your passport. Fortunately, you may request a review or make an immigration appeal.

What is the validity period of the HPI visa UK?

Considered a type of advanced learner visa, an individual with a high potential visa can stay in the United Kingdom for as long as they need, but usually, this is on an initial basis of one to three years.

Qualified applicants will typically be given two years of entry clearance or leave to remain, depending on their degree level. Qualified applicants with a Ph.D. or other doctoral-level qualification will typically be offered three years of entry clearance. Unfortunately, there are no more extensions on the HPI visa. Rather the holder will have to get other types of visas.

Wrapping up

Though new, the application for the HPI visa isn’t much different from the application for other types of UK work visas. What sets it apart is the education requirements. But if all the criteria above are met, you are saved the hustle of getting a sponsor.

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