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TradeViz Review: The Role of Account Managers

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Trading in the equity market means being completely aware of the script, the company, and the industry.

Not to mention the macroeconomic factors also play a very important role.

As the macroeconomic factors get very complicated, the chances of losing out on the trade also increase.

Many traders have blamed the lack of technical analysis as their reasons for failure. A key account manager comes into play in this situation and the account manager ensures that they oversee your trades, guide you in the right direction, and help you to place the right trade.

Placing the right trade is not enough. Exiting at the right point is also very important. The account managers of Tradeviz look into it very deeply.

Let us find out some of the activities that the key account managers of this brokerage platform do.

Why are Account Managers at TradeViz important?

The account manager plays a crucial role when it comes to guiding the traders.

But is it just the only role that they have to play?

Let us find out a few more shoes that they fit into:

Tradeviz account managers

1. Understanding the macroeconomic factors:

Being an account manager, it is very crucial that the macroeconomic factors are understood.

The main reason being the client’s portfolio depends on it. Under every account manager number of clients’ accounts are being held. If the macroeconomic factors are not looked into the profitability of accounts will take a hit.

Handling several portfolios can be quite tricky, but it is the duty of the account managers to ensure it is run smoothly.

2. Portfolio handling of the clients:

During the absence of the client, the portfolio must be handled by someone. This is where the account managers come into play. They get into your account and take the trades based on your behalf.

Moreover, they also ensure that with a small token, they close the trades at a very profitable position. Tradeviz offers an account management service in the gold and platinum package.

3. Staying updated with the company’s news:

The third rule is the crucial role. It is not always possible to stay updated with the news of the company in which your script is taken.  It is where the account managers come into play.

They consistently keep a tab of what’s the latest news on the firm you have invested into. This way you don’t lose track of the news. Moreover, you don’t even have to research the news by yourself.

You get everything just at the tip of your finger.

Trade on TradeViz to Enjoy Excellent Benefits

Make an account in this brokerage platform right away. The main reason for it is you can really find out some of the coolest features available. Moreover, you don’t want to enter the market with a huge capital if you’re a beginner.

Make sure you make the right choice of the account type depending on the desired leverage.

Sign up right now to find some excellent benefits and features as well. Trade on 60+ instruments, at the same place onTradeviz.

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