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Top Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

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We all appreciate a good bathroom. But keeping your own clean and comfortable can be a boring and laborious task with all the scrubbing, disinfecting, etc. There’s also the issue that your bathroom might not be the most pleasant-smelling place to stay and clean up in.

But keeping your bathroom clean is easy once you have the right tools. Knowing how and why you should be working to maintain it in tip-top shape will also be good motivation.

You Spend a Lot of Time Here

After the living areas, you’d be hard-pressed to find a room that you visit more. This is especially true in homes with multiple residents sharing one lavatory More people in a home mean more bacteria possibly getting passed around. Consider how much more this chance increases when you invite guests to use the same bathroom. Now, would you still feel comfortable there?

Luckily, cleaning up is easy enough. To get the job done right, you can use effective commercial cleaning supplies that are formulated to make cleaning more efficient. Pair them with the right cleaning tools and you’re more than halfway done.

Depending on how big your bathroom is and how frequently it’s used, you can determine what specific tools and products you need.

Make Cleaning a Regular Routine

Daily bathroom cleaning tips and tricks

The more frequently you clean your bathroom, the less likely you’ll see the buildup happen. Over time, even the smallest stains or bits of grime can accumulate. These aren’t impossible to clean up, though. But if you can save yourself the trouble of having to deal with a bigger issue, why not?

Cleaning your loo only takes a little bit of time if you do it a few times a week. You can even ask your family or flatmates to take turns doing specific chores. It’s important that everyone understands what you’re doing and how to do it. But if you’re dealing with little kids, it’s important to keep chemicals safely tucked away.

If you can, try adding in little bits and bobs that enhance the bathroom experience and will make everyone more keen to help in its maintenance. A nice scented candle, some flowers, and maybe even a little linen closet will elevate the ambiance and make it more appealing.

Enforce Proper Habits

Bathroom cleaning habits

This one also boils down to being a polite and considerate bathroom user. Just as you wouldn’t want a guest to be messy in your bathroom, so should you be tidy in your own home. Aside from more obvious habits such as flushing your business properly and mopping the floor of any spill, there are less obvious ones, too. Don’t forget the importance of a hamper and a towel rack. These ensure that your clothes don’t get stained and your towel dries properly. A damp towel can be a breeding ground for mold and bad odors, too.

Flushing should also be done with the lid down. When you flush, the whirlpool can actually send water spraying up to 15 feet. And though the water mist may be fine for you to feel, the bacteria it’s carrying is certainly present. Using the facilities shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience for anybody, especially under your own roof. Maintaining a simple but effective routine for you and your family will keep your bathroom in its best condition.

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