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Top Video Production Companies In Chicago

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Whether you need some updated visuals for your website, or your company is putting out an ad that will appear on televisions all over the country, Chicago Video Production Companies are one of the best ways to make sure you end up with killer video content. You can’t just select any old video production company, though; you have to make the right choice among many, many companies. For organizations located in and around Chicago, there’s good news – the area has tons of great options! From award-winning video marketing Chicago firm Charter & Co, to boutique-style production companies like Leeway Films, there are definitely plenty to choose from.

Charter & Co

Chicago video production companies: charter & co video

This Wheaton-based video production company focuses on not only producing branded videos, but also on maximizing the way those videos work within their client’s marketing strategy. They don’t just produce great-looking video content; they also prioritize results through increased audience engagement. Their full-service video production services use the latest and greatest in new technology, from camera lenses to supercomputers. Clients can also depend on enjoying a collaborative relationship with this production company, not just on getting the desired result. They’ve partnered with over 50 brands, and won over 20 awards since their inception in 2019; it’s pretty clear that they know their stuff!

Old North Film Company

Wedding videography is a thriving sub-category of video production companies, and this is the niche which Old North Film company occupies. They offer video production services beyond just weddings, but capturing the big day for happy couples is definitely their specialty. Clients get not one, but two videographers at their wedding to ensure that every special moment gets committed to film. This company also offers several different wedding packages, so couples can scale up or down according to their preferences and budgets.

Yakkety Yak

Yakkety yak video production company

Formerly called Kindred Content, this women-owned company specializes in branded videos that are impactful and socially driven. One area of focus for each video is to put in emotional equity, not just technical expertise – although they include that too. They offer branded content, commercial content, animation, podcast and documentary production, and more. Their clients include DePaul University, Little Heroes League, Pillars Community Health, and the American Migraine Foundation.

Attack Studios

Attack studios video production company

If your video production needs involve animation, then look no further than Attack Studios. They have more than 14 years of experience in motion graphics and animation, and have worked with clients from several different industries to create hundreds of videos. Their clients include Fruit of the Loom, Converse, NASA, and Sprint; their projects can encompass anything from broadcast spots to explainer videos. If you require animation-based video production services, this company could be a great pick.

Leeway Films

Leeway films video production company

For a more boutique experience, Leeway Films video production company could be just the ticket. Jamie Brown and Ryan Schwalm, the company’s two main pillars, are adept at adjusting a production’s size to suit the demands of a customer. The Seattle Sounders, Smoke BBQ, Big Hill Ciderworks, and Krave Jerky are a few of its clientele. Their team has expertise in a range of production formats, with a particular emphasis on music videos, commercials, brand videos, and videos content for social media.

Bottle Rocket Media

Bottle rocket media video production company

In addition to traditional video production, Bottle Rocket Media also specializes in 360-degree virtual reality and motion graphics. And of course, they use an array of technology to make their clients’ dreams come true, from high-powered computers to drones that film high-resolution footage from on high. Some of their past clients include McDonald’s, the American Marketing Association, Mattel, Dyson, The Atlantic, and American Girl; their work has won multiple Telly Awards, an AVA Award, and even an Emmy Award.

24 Frames

With more than 17 years in the business, 24 Frames is a video production company with plenty of experience – and an Emmy Award too! They specialize in videos that are emotionally impactful, as well as visually appealing. Their clients include the Institute of Natural Health, YMCA, Budweiser, and the American Cancer Society.

Scenic Road

Located in both Kansas City and Chicago, Scenic Road is a creative and video content agency that focuses on branded storytelling. In addition to offering complete video production services, they also provide marketing services if needed. Their goal with every video is to boost brand awareness and drive engagement by connecting with the target audience in a way that feels authentic. Their clients include John Deere, Bayer, Farmland, and Samsung.

Richter Studios

Richter studios video production company

This video production company refers to themselves as pioneers of digital cinema, and for good reason – they’re an icon of video production in Chicago. Since being founded in 1997, they’ve successfully produced several thousand videos; in the more recent past, they’ve done this from their own 5,000 square-foot studio. They don’t just film videos, though; they also offer full animation services. Their clients include Kmart, Sears, Wilson, Radio Flyer, and the College of American Pathologists.

Two Gents Digital

Two gents digital video production company

As you might imagine, this video production company was founded by two gents. As a “conceptually driven, branded content agency”, they scale up to meet the production needs of every client who requires it. You can also rely on a personalized touch, with individualized production assistance from start to finish. Their clients include The Westloop Chamber of Commerce, Exelon, and Dr. Scholl’s.

Flightless Bird Creative

Flightless bird creative video production company

This company is a video production company as well as a creative agency – meaning they can handle all aspects of their clients’ production needs. They have locations in multiple cities (including Chicago), but their goal is to provide the same level of attention to their clients as a boutique agency. Or, as they put it, they want to be the kind of company that “treats every client like they’re our only client”. Their clients include ESPN Radio, Adidas, Kaplan University, AT&T, and Aveeno.

The takeaway

Chicago is home to some pretty amazing video production companies, so regardless of the project your organization wants to complete, you’re sure to find the right company for the job. From epic drone shots to high-quality animations, the video production companies listed above have got you covered.

Focus on aligning every video with their client’s business goals.

And they partner with industry-leading creative talent on each project.

A completed video.

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