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Top Tips for Streamlining Your Virginia State Tax Form Filing Process

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Tax season can be a trying time for many Virginians due to the often complex and time-consuming nature of completing tax forms. Some may even find themselves faced with avoidable penalties. Streamlining your Virginia State Tax Form filing process is a potential solution to this issue. It makes filing faster, easier, and less prone to mistakes, which can lead to a smoother tax season and possibly even financial savings.

Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures

The streamlined filing compliance procedures are a set of processes designed by the IRS for taxpayers to correct prior year tax returns, FBARs (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts), and other information returns. This becomes applicable when the taxpayer has failed to report gross income from foreign sources, pay the tax due on that income, or failed to file any required information return. The goal is to provide tax compliance and relief for taxpayers residing within and outside the U.S., simplifying their tax filing process. Virginia state tax forms can be streamlined when taxpayers familiarize themselves with these procedures.

Can Expats Use the Streamlined Filing Procedure?

Yes, expats can indeed take advantage of the streamlined filing procedure. The IRS has a specific procedure designed for such taxpayers, commonly referred to as the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure, which is available to taxpayers who are ex-pats or dual citizens and have failed to file U.S. tax returns in any of the most recent three years.

Who Qualifies For The Streamlined Filing Procedures?

The IRS has set a criterion to determine who qualifies for the streamlined filing procedures. This includes verifying that the omission to declare all income, pay all due taxes, and submit all necessary information returns, including FBARs, was a result of non-willful conduct. This implies the conduct was not intentionally set out to avoid paying the rightful amount.

What Is The IRS Standard for Willfulness?

What is the irs standard for willfulness virginia state tax form

The IRS applies a standard of willfulness when assessing the tax situation of an individual. A taxpayer has willfully violated their tax obligations if they knowingly or intentionally disregarded the law or were plainly indifferent to its requirements. This can include instances of both acts of commission, such as deliberate evasion of tax, and acts of omission, like neglecting to file tax returns on time or at all.

Catching Up On Taxes

In an effort to catch up on taxes, you can utilize the streamlined filing procedures if you’re eligible. This involves filing amended or delinquent tax returns, along with all required information returns. This means filing your previous years’ tax returns on the required Virginia state tax forms. It’s essential to ensure accuracy during this process to save yourself from audit issues in the future.

Preparing for the Simplified Filing

Being prepared for the filing process can make the entire exercise smoother and less strenuous. Begin by gathering all necessary documentation, including W-2s, 1099s, and receipts for deductions. If you’re an expat, you’d need your foreign income details. Next, familiarize yourself with any changes to the tax laws applicable in that year.

Utilize tax preparation software designed to guide you through the filing process. The software will minimize human error, calculate your taxes for you, and digitally submit the Virginia state tax forms. If your tax situation is complicated, consider seeking the service of a tax professional who is familiar with the IRS and Virginia’s streamlined tax filing procedures.


Filing Virginia state tax forms can be a stressful exercise, but by streamlining the process, you can make it less daunting. Using streamlined filing compliance procedures and understanding the qualifications can make your filing process easier. Knowing the IRS standard for willfulness can help you avoid pitfalls, and being prepared can help you sail through the simplified filing.

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