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Top Online Shopping Sites in Mexico

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Mexico is a famous country that has a lot of people in its country. Most Mexican people know how to buy anything from the Internet. They are familiar with online shopping activities. Therefore, many companies are interested in getting access to this country. You will be able to find a lot of online shopping sites that focus on their markets in this country. There are more than 88 million Internet users who are active every month on the Internet. These people can be the best-targeted customers for many online shopping sites today. Here are some popular shopping sites that you can find in this country.

1. Ticketmaster Mexico

It is an American ticket sales and also distribution company. This company offers a lot of ticket concerts and any other offline events for all customers. You will be able to find a lot of active users from Mexico. Ticketmaster also has a merger with Live Nation, in order to keep expanding in offering live concerts in more than 50 countries, including Mexico. In Mexico, this online shopping site sells any tickets for sports, music, and any other events. You can visit its official website at ticketmaster.com.mx. This is a designated website for people who are in Mexico.

2. Liverpool

If you want to buy any products from the Mexico-based company, you can take a look at this site. This is a retail company that has a chain of department stores in Mexico. This company is operated by El Puerto de Liverpool Limited. There are a lot of stores that are distributed in many areas in Mexico. Liverpool offers a wide variety of products, including electronics, accessories, furniture, toys, home decoration, and any other specialty food throughout all areas in Mexico. You can find a lot of new accessories and items every month on this site.

3. Walmart Mexico

Walmart mexico

Although Walmart is an American-based company, you can visit its official website for Mexican people at walmart.com.mx. This online shopping site is specially created for all people who are in the Mexico area. It works through the subsidiary of Walmart called Walmart de Mexico. Walmart Mexico company is also known as Walmex. It is one of the largest companies in this country. You can visit its online shopping site when you want to buy any products, including food, electronics, pharmacy, fashion, auto parts, home equipment, and any other products.

4. Coppel

This is another popular online shopping site that is available in Mexico. It was founded in Mexico in 1941. This company is a chain of department stores. There are several branches that are available in Mexico. When you visit its official shopping site, you can find some popular products, including electronics, home decoration, clothes, appliances, accessories, sports goods, travel accessories, and any other products. Coppel has more than 20 brick and mortar stores that are available throughout Mexico. This company has a new online shopping site, so all customers are able to purchase any products from the Internet easily. All products will be delivered to your home as soon as possible.

5. Mercado Libre Mexico

This online shopping site is very popular among many people in Mexico today. It beats the American giant company called Amazon. This marketplace is developed by the Argentinian eCommerce company, Mercado Libre. This marketplace allows all people and business owners to sell any of their products from different categories, including electronics, home appliances, automotive accessories, Mercado Libre has more than 170 million customers from around the world, including Mexico. Mercado Libre Mexico is very convenient for you to purchase any of your favorite products from this online shopping site.

6. Sears Mexico

Sears mexico

Sears is a company that is owned by an American company. It is an American chain of department stores. This company has several department stores that are available across the United States and Mexico. Sears Mexico has more than 75 stores throughout this country. There are some popular products that are offered by this company, including home appliances, furniture, tools, electronics, accessories, clothing, and any other products. Sears Mexico also has some discounts and offers that are specially created for all customers in Mexico. All the products that you purchase from its official store can be delivered to your place immediately.

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