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Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs in UK

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Gone are the days when women were restricted to the kitchen and taking care of their children. The modern woman is more bold and entrepreneurial in nature, ready to take on challenges similar to those of men. A good number of women in the UK and around the world have quit their jobs to start their own businesses. Few of them have not only been successful in their ventures but have also inspired other women to follow in their footsteps. Given below are a few inspiring female entrepreneurs from the UK whom you can follow.

Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs of the UK

Valentina Milanova

Valentina milanova female entrepreneurs

She established Daye, is its CEO and also only 25 years of age. After graduation from Buckingham University, she started to support high growth organizations at Techstars & Founders Factory. Her degrees are with law, economics, and business.

She then launched Daye, a successful online eCommerce platform, which offers research & innovative products. She was born in Bulgaria and was instrumental in launching a cannabis infused tampon for women. This is said to be one of her most talked about achievements as it helps reduce pain and cramps for women during the menstrual cycle. Despite facing obstacles in a male dominated world Valentina came out successful with many different ideas.

Ella Mills

Ella mills female entrepreneurs

She is the Brand director and co-founder of Deliciously Ella and is just 28 years. Her full name is Eleanor Laura Davan Mills and is better known as Ella. She converted her hobbyist blog into an empire. In 2012, she had established this food & wellness blog. Ella is a British national who finished her education with University of St Andrews.

She released a series of books that talked about clean eating for which she also faced a lot of backlash. The Guardian also considers her books the best when it comes to “fad eating”. Her brand deliciously Ella promotes better living with eating vegetables. She is also considered one of the biggest names when it comes to the wellness and food industry.

Tanvi Bhardwaj

Tanvi bhardwaj female entrepreneurs

She is one of the most inspiring female Entrepreneurs of Indian origin. She is also the CTO and co-founder of MishiPay and aged 29 years old. She first worked in Bangalore as a Software Engineer and then co-founded her own venture with Mustafa Khanwala. The firm that she co-founded has some of the most prestigious awards that are given to their specific industry.

The technology that her company has introduced into shopping is said to have revolutionized the entire shopping experience for a customer in more ways than one. Supermarkets and stores have also found their technology something that belongs to the next level.

Lucrezia Bisignani

Lucrezia bisignani

She is just 28 years old and is the CEO and co-founder of Kukua, an edutainment startup. She was also named among the 100 most influential women in Italy. Lucrezia also completed her acting course at The Oxford School of Drama. She was instrumental in getting the first African children’s franchise, which is known as Super Sema.

She graduated from Singularity University which is at Silicon Valley in NASA. Forbes 30 under 30 listed her as one of the best when it comes to social entrepreneurs. She was also the founder and president of the non-profit organization known as Staanoi that was aimed at promoting skills of the youth. She also worked as a content curator in the year 2014 prior to founding Staanoi.

Maya Pindeus

Maya pindeus

She is the CEO and Co-founder of Humanising Autonomy in the year 2016 and is only 29 years old. An experienced & talented innovation design engineer, she co-founded this artificial intelligence company. She finished her education at Imperial College in London.

Maya also went to other universities, such as The Royal College of Art, the University of Applied Arts (Vienna), and the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Despite her education in different aspects, she preferred to specialize in artificial intelligence with which her humanizing autonomy is based. Her vision is to better the interaction between human beings and machines through technology.

Sasha Haco

Sasha haco

Among the several inspiring Female Entrepreneurs is Sasha, who is the CEO and co-founder of Unitary at the age of 27. Using AI, her objective is to make the internet much safer. She takes enormous pride in the work that she did with Stephen Hawking on the paradoxes surrounding black holes.

She finished her studies at the University of Cambridge, Sasha also holds a Ph.D. D. Sasha has done various research on different domains and has many citations to her name too. She is considered a person who is very keen on making the internet a safe place for people from around the world.

Raissa de Haas & Joyce

Raissa de haas & joyce

Sharing the 7th & 8th spot, they are undoubtedly among the Top Inspiring Female entrepreneurs. They are also known as the twins from the Netherlands who grew up in Belgium and later moved to London. They have created a revolution in the food and beverage industry. They are the co-CEOs and founders of Double Dutch which deals in premium soft drinks.

They are aged 29 and were winners of Virgin Foodpreneur. These people created a benchmark when it comes to launching a new product in the market which meant it does not have to be perfect when launched. Their entire idea is said to have originated from the food pairing techniques that they started out of their own kitchens.

Solveiga Pakstaite

Solveiga pakstaite 

She is the Director and founder of Mimica at the age of 27. Solveiga is also better known as the inventor of Mimica Touch which aims to reduce food wastage. She finished her studies at the Brunel University of London.

She was also recognized as the Inventor of the Year by MIT. She also is recognized as one of the best innovators in the list of people under the age of 30. Her aim is to fight food waste by all means and she uses the technology for the same with her company Mimica. She is also granted a patent for her innovation which has made her one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.

Charlotte Pearce

Charlotte pearce

She is the CEO and founder of Impact and is 28 years old. She finished her education at the University of Southampton.  This company offers a letter-writing service. She is better known as a spiritual soul, an eternal optimist, and a tech founder. She has been featured in the likes of BBC, Forbes, Sky News, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and Maserati.

Many people have taken inspiration from her work and the way she has led her organization. The handwritten notes that the company is known for is making strides due to the unique idea that Charlotte has brought with it. She is also known as a keynote speaker and blogger who writes on various stuff.

The above inspiring female entrepreneurs are being looked upon by women from all over the world to achieve something big and to break the barrier, which was once the man’s domain.

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