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Top Highest Paying Jobs in the World

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These days, there are different types of professions to choose from. However trying to select the perfect career is likely to be a challenging task without proper guidance or knowledge. Some factors that should be taken into consideration while searching for the highest paying jobs are your interests, skills, and the salary offered. Students should consider various factors like professional & personal goals, preferences, and their weaknesses & strengths. However median salary cannot be considered the perfect metric. Rather, you can get a fair idea of the value of your chosen field across the globe.

Top 7 jobs that pay well

1. Dentist:

In the United States, demand for qualified dentists is expected to grow by about 19% between 2017 and 2026. Experienced dentists, on average, can expect to earn approximately $1,73,000 annually. The average earnings in the UK are around $75,634, while Canadian dentists earn about $78,281 annually. Although dental school is a bit expensive, the benefits and perks that come with it are worth trying. Attending dental hygienist programs in Arizona is a good alternative if you want to break into this lucrative field but don’t like the idea of studying for years to become a dentist.

2. Surgeon:

Being a surgical specialist is indeed a monumental, gratifying, and challenging venture to undertake. It is indeed a highly demanding job and among the best paying jobs. The general surgeon in the United States can be expected to earn an annual income of $3,75,000. Canadian general surgeons earn approximately $3,50,000 annually while in the UK they get around $1,01,153. Specializing in a particular surgical field will allow you to enjoy more earning prospects.

3. IT Systems Manager:

Highest salary jobs in the world

In the United States, IT System Managers’ projected employment by the year 2026 is expected to be around 4,11,800. This profession is also counted among the highest paying jobs in the world. With technology evolving at a fast pace and becoming more important with every passing day, opportunities are plenty. IT System Managers in the US can expect around $93,000. The Canadian counterparts can make around $67615 while UK salaries are about $54,807. However, you can expect the figures to only rise with time.

4. Engineering manager:

By 2026, the demand for qualified engineering managers in the United States is expected to rise by about 6%. Their responsibility involves the development, supervision, and management of a wide range of organizational projects. Selecting a STEM field in college can help enhance your chances to get good-paying jobs. In the U.S., you can expect to earn around $1,33,000, in Canada around $73,062, and in the UK approximately #91,165. A few Canadian engineering managers are found to earn $193,000+ annually.

5. Marketing Manager:

This is among the highest-paying jobs. Their responsibility is to assist companies in developing marketing strategies. Company success, these days, depends mostly on how well the services and products are marketed. Hence, the demand for talented marketing managers is only increasing. Their work is to develop as well as implement well-designed marketing plans. It is undoubtedly one of the best-paying jobs. The median salary in the U.S. is around $78,000, in Canada it is $53,173and the UK around $52,186.

6. Corporate lawyer:

Being among the most demanded professions, it is one of the jobs that pay well. Your responsibility is to counsel clients as well as handle business transactions. Successful corporate lawyers can earn in the U.S. by around $1,30,000, in Canada for approximately $89,646 and in the U.K. for $1,04,365.

7. Senior Data Scientist:

It is also among the highest-paying jobs in the world. Their responsibility is to combine computing with statistical analysis to develop data-driven solutions. In the U.S., they can expect an annual income of $1,05,000, $62,502 in Canada and $54,782 in the United Kingdom.

Hence, getting to know the good paying jobs can help you to land in a better profession that you are sure to love.

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