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What Are The Top Gambling Startup Brands

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In the world of business, the concept of startups is something that is incredibly popular and common. Startups can be defined as companies or ventures that centralise their efforts on providing a single product or service to the market of their choice, such as the gambling industry. Not only are startups important for economic growth but they are also crucial in spurring innovation and growth in a particular industry. Due to the increasing popularity of the gambling industry, let’s explore the emerging top gambling startup brands.

Rise of the Gambling Industry

In recent years, the gambling industry has seen a significant profit increase and a rise in startups within the sector. If you want to find out more information about gambling start-up brands, head to BonusFinder.com for more info.


Those interested in gambling startups are likely familiar with Betfair Group, an international internet sports betting company. Their services provide a wide range of sports betting and gambling-related activities online in the United Kingdom and internationally. Generating an annual revenue of more than $462 million, the company has been successful in offering a range of products including Betting Exchange which allows customers to wager against each other, as well as Sportsbook which permits customers to bet against Betfair on sporting outcomes.

The company provides various gaming products like poker, bingo, and online horse racing betting, offering customers plenty of options.


Furthermore, Bet365 is a provider of an online sports betting platform encouraging customers to partake in betting on a wide range of sports such as football and basketball as well as providing them with the chance to engage in casino games. Although the company started off small having been founded by Denise Coates with just 12 employees, it now employs over 7000 people. With over 90 million customers, this company has an estimated £2.8 billion annual revenue meaning that it is showing no sign of slowing down.


Jackpocket is a great start-up that allows players to order official state lottery tickets securely from their smartphones. This business offers a user-friendly platform for downloading the Jackpocket lottery app to play Powerball and Mega Millions on smartphones. This convenience of storing lottery tickets in one place not only prevents loss but also boosts revenue for lotteries. The business generates revenue by collecting service fees, typically ranging from 7% to 10% for its courier service.


Mpl online sports betting gambling startup brands

MPL, an e-sports and mobile gaming platform, is one of the top gambling startup brands to consider. The startup brand offers a platform for players to enjoy over 60 games and connect with a global community.

Players have a variety of games to choose from like Ludo, Fruit Dart, Carroms, with easily redeemable cash prizes. This startup ensures convenience for all customers by offering the app for both Android and iOS users. MPL is also considered to be India’s third most-valued gaming startup and has generated a lot of revenue from sales.

Millionaire Entertainment

On top of this, Millionare Entertainment is another gambling startup brands that has truly made a name for itself not just for providing online services but also physical products. Established in 2009, MEPL was the pioneer of Poker chip sets in India and has gained a dedicated following. The brand ‘Casinoite’ is responsible for providing players with Poker chip sets, Poker Tables, and Playing cards both online and offline. This company is gaining popularity daily due to its high-quality products and strong adherence to ethics.

Startups play a vital role in boosting the economy and offering innovative products and services for the gambling industry. From Betfair and MPL to Jackpocket and Millionaire Entertainment, the list of gambling startups is endless. However, owing to its sheer number of services, notable reputation, and impressive generation of revenue, Bet365 can be considered the top start-up brand overall. With this in mind, why not try out pledging your loyalty to startup businesses today to experience their benefits?

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