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Top Four Video Marketing Trends for 2020

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The demand for video marketing has increased by leaps and bounds! In the upcoming years, this trend is only going to increase. This is why you should keep a close eye on strategies that can optimize your marketing methods.

What makes video marketing interesting is that the trends keep changing all the time. It would be unwise to stick to an old method. This is because video marketing trends come and go on a monthly basis! What you saw last month, might have become boring and would have faded away.

#1 Live Videos

Live videos

The life of live videos is considerably long!

A few months ago, you might have come across Facebook Live. However, this tool is no longer famous among video marketers. In the year 2017, Facebook live was one of the biggest and most reliable forms of marketing. There are very initiatives and tips on how to create a successful live video for Facebook. In fact, there were multiple channels like Facebook Watch, Facebook Live and Auto-Players to focus on. Today, all of these are great tools with minimal leads.

Yet, you should understand that the demand for live videos has not declined. People are aiming to live videos but through a different channel.

And, it is your duty to identify this channel.

#2 Videos you can Shop from!

The concept of “Shoppable” videos is on the rise. More and more companies are investing in video advertisements that will let you identify and buy products with just a few clicks. Snapchat and Instagram have many such links. And, this technology is widely accepted by online users.

Shoppable videos are becoming famous because most people buy using their mobile applications. And, businesses can be very specific about what they want to advertise and sell through these videos.

#3 Interactive Video Technologies

Moving on, a considerable amount of time and money will be invested in interactive video technologies. Interactive videos with 360-degree coverage are great to experience. Whether it is a game, an iconic travel destination or a musical: the 360-degree view will be amazing!

Today, people are demanding for futuristic interactive 360-degree videos. This can be attributed to the rise of VR and AR technologies. Though this is a difficult domain, it is extremely captivating and competitive.

#4 Vlogging


As a marketer, you should be prepared to create vlogs. There are thousands of vlogs on the internet. And, this number is only going to increase. When you Vlog, ensure that the videos are diverse, interesting and of high-quality. After all, you must attract buyers through these videos.

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