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Top DRONE UAV Startups in INDIA

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Nowadays drones are becoming more popular across the world. A number of commercial applications like Surveillance, Border Security, Mapping, filming, and much more. Let’s focus on the top drone UAV companies in India.

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are being widely used as decoys to test missiles. The anti-aircraft guns, and train fighter pilots to shoot down a moving target. Drones provide real experience at less cost and can be easily maneuvered to check the real capabilities of missiles.

Drone technology is one of the sophisticated technologies that has widespread usage in any country. In India drones becoming a serious business targeted by these Startups…

Here are the Top Drone UAV Companies in INDIA

1. IdeaForge


IdeaForge is a pioneer in the research, development, production, and operation of compact, cost-effective, and user-friendly top drone UAVs in India. Creating technically superior UAVs for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and inspiring the world by leading the surge of technological advancements in the field of Unmanned Systems.

DRDO is one of their research partners with Idea Forge. Creating a better world for mankind using modern technological advancements in the Aerospace and Robotics Industry.


Arsenalcorp top drone uav

ARSENALCORP is Focused on undertaking research and development activities. On Unmanned Vehicles (UVs) and developing core competencies in the field of UVs. The company has the capability to conceptualize, design, develop, and manufacture/Integrate UV’s and UV’s related technologies. Which are not restricted to the Airframe, Flight Controllers, Embedded Electronics, Software, and Sensor integration.

The company is rapidly ramping up its capability to mass-produce different types of UVs. Like Rotor-craft, Fixed Wing, and Mini MALES (Medium Altitude Long Range) drones that can be used in any business domain. In Industrial, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Irrigation, Infrastructure, or Defense. AC is also into arms and armored vehicle productions soon.

3. Aurora Integrated Systems

Aurora top drone uav company

Aurora Integrated Systems is the lead system integrator in India, offering field-tested UAS technology. Our systems encompass short-range SUVs to long-range tactical systems, rapidly deployable Aerostat Systems, and technologies in Inertial Navigation.

Tata Advanced Systems through Aurora Integrated Systems is focusing on the in-house design and development of mini and micro UAV systems, complemented by an indigenous design of major subsystems like Autopilot, Ground Control Station, Gimbal based payloads and offered cutting edge solutions for current and future UAV requirements of Indian Security Forces.

4. Samhams Technologies

Samhams technologies top drone uav company

Samhams Technologies was founded by two friends who belong to the aviation industry. After completion of the course they made a plan to change manned aircraft knowledge into unmanned aircraft. Finally, they started their own company with design and manufacturing as per the UAV applications.

Samhams Technologies provides automatic flying crafts and services in the areas of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance to become a top drone UAV company in India. They want to be technical revolutionary and have been taking part in various recent glimpsing fields.

5. Aarav Unmanned Systems

Aarav unmanned systems top drone uav

The Aarav Unmanned Systems are designed and developed UAV-based solutions by using their own proprietary drone technology. The product range includes Nayan, an R&D platform for indoor navigation, and other upcoming application-oriented platforms with fully autonomous operations, and lightweight and rapid deployment capabilities.

Aarav Unmanned Systems Team From IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IISc Bangalore & IIST building the future of Drones and their applications in enterprise space! Their Drones provide high-value engineering solutions to enterprises across GIS Surveying/Mapping, Industrial inspection, and precision agriculture.

6. Om UAV Systems

Om uav systems top drone uav startup

OM UAV Systems is a top drone UAV company. A pioneering manufacturer of a variety of Unmanned remotely controlled Ariel surveillance vehicles like UAV mini and quadcopter. They have the unique distinction of manufacturing a range of such products with in-house developed ‘Made in India’ Auto Pilot.

Om UAV Systems has test-proven the products in its own exclusive ‘Test Proving Field’ including runway and ground-based support systems and provides the complete solution including UAV, Ground control and monitoring station, Training, and Sales support

7. Kadet Defence Systems

Kadet defence systems top drone uav

Kadet Defence Systems a top drone UAV, is engaged in the business of aerospace products focused primarily on Unmanned Systems. Over the last decade, Kadet has delivered over one hundred unmanned aerial vehicles to the Ministry of Defence in India. Kadet designs develops, and manufactures Aerial Targets and UAVs and provides associated services for commercial, civil, and defense applications.

Kadet is pursuing opportunities as a product co-development agency. To this extent has entered agreements with Airbus Defence and Space GmbH for cooperating, joint development, and operation of Unmanned Systems. The National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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  1. Have you actually done any studies on the companies which you have promoting as “Top Drone Start-up”. You have missed out real drone companies and just listed fly-by-night companies. One of the company mentioned in your post above has just one actual UAV tech on role and No worth-while product in their name. No innovations or Manufacturing capability. Another company in your list is just showing one Drone since last 5 years at all the shows, which incidentally has been purchased from China long time back. Then some of the companies are providing just services and no manufacturing capability. A really shallow knowledge and write up.

    • Hello Joseph,
      In India most of the companies import from china But some companies really do manufacturing and Our Team visited 4 Companies to look their Products, 3 are doing only 3D Designing and Moulding and Rest of them importing…

      And has No Real Manufacturing hub in INDIA..


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