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Top Artificial Intelligence Platforms for You to Experiment the Trend!

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Artificial intelligence proves to be useful when you have limited knowledge of something, and results need to be generated from experiences. What makes artificial intelligence special is that it can process huge volumes of data within a small fraction of time. And, conclusions can be derived at a faster pace. When you want to venture into artificial intelligence, it is important to choose the right platform. With this being said, here are a few AI platforms for you to begin with.

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Amazon Services 

amazon services

In general, any discussion on artificial intelligence will be incomplete without quoting amazon. This company has changed technology for millions and millions of people. Amazon has a dominant platform for supporting artificial intelligence. In fact, there are too many AI services from this brand.

Amazon Comprehend is one such service. It is designed to make sense form unstructured data. Customer support chats are often a great tool for gathering information. You will have access to real-life scenarios and experiences. Nothing beats the amount of data in these chats. With Amazon Comprehend you can mine these chats easily.

Amazon Lex is all about converting speech to text on the go. You can easily convert any conversation into visual content. All of this happens in a few minutes.

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Amazon forecast, as suggested by its name, this platform is designed for making accurate predictions based on existing data. This service doesn’t require any setup. Everything is readily available for you to use. The only essential item for this service to work would be time-series data.



Another interesting platform for artificial intelligence would be TensorFlow. This is the brainchild of Google. The library was designed by the engineers who coded for Google Brain. This is a deep learning method that uses neural techniques. This library has proved to be used amongst stock traders, who wish to validate their predictions ahead of time.


H2O artificial intelligence platform

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When you look for intuitive artificial intelligence platforms, you are likely to come across this one. H2O is an open-source tool. When the solution was launched initially, it had no trouble entering the list of Fortune 500 companies. The main aim of this brand is to reach the common public. The platform is currently broken into multiple sections. You will come across H2O, Sparkling Water and H2OGPU.

Apart from supporting the public, this company has solutions for enterprises too. This includes driverless AI and Paid Support by H2O.

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