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Top 9 Online Tracking Tools Every Small Business And Startup Should Start Using Now

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It is necessary for all entrepreneurs and management to keep proper track of employee productivity. Otherwise, precious hours lost during office hours will mean losing individual and business performance, thus resulting in losses. Hence, small businesses should use different types of A/B Testing Tools to manage internal resources. Such tools help them to maintain lean operational costs, and predict project expenses and duration more accurately.

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9 best online tracking tools for small businesses to use in 2023 and beyond

1. DeskTime:

DeskTime online tracking tool

This time-track tool focuses on work productivity. Besides tracking time, it monitors work progress through document titles and websites. Data obtained reveal your team’s current work and duration, allowing you to track the progress made on every task. It schedules private time and automated remainders for breaks to prevent burnout. But some custom charts and reports can be somewhat confusing.

2. ClickUp:

ClickUp online tracking tool

It is a powerful project management tool that allows you to monitor time using any device. Chrome users can benefit from the handy plug-in feature. You can include notes to your time tracking, add labels to monitor the project’s length, and allocate billable time. A schedule template helps optimize the team’s day and schedules via intuitive time tracking. But it is a bit complex.

3. RescueTime:

RescueTime online tracking tool

This amazing Social Media Analytics software helps small businesses to develop accountability irrespective of employee work location. Its ongoing daily coaching allows team members to create healthy professional goals and stay on task. Employee productivity tracking assistant can be viewed on your PC or Mac taskbar. As you hit the productivity target, it provides alerts. Categorizing distractions for maximizing reporting takes time.

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4. TrackingTime:

TrackingTime online tracking tool

This versatile tool helps do away with time-tracking paperwork. It has a simple user interface and can track time irrespective of employee work style, location, and schedule. Track attendance. Develop time reporting and share it with your clients. It is an effective Customer Relationship Management tool. It generates accurate time reporting quickly and syncs with other mobile apps.

5. Timesheets.com:

Timesheets online tracking tool

Such A/B Testing Tools integrate accounting with popular payroll software thus permitting the creation of custom work calendars. Easy-to-follow data trails help review project time and billable hours quickly. It has excellent inbuilt security features like Internet Protocol blocking. Although it has a functional interface, it feels somewhat outdated. The initial setting up of time-tracking apps can be a bit tedious.

6. Time Doctor:

Time Doctor online tracking tool

It’s auto time-tracking apps function in the system background. You can get desktop screenshots of employee productivity reports. Each periodic screenshot ensures you keep vigil on time-wasters and eliminate distractions thereby boosting productivity. This Social Media Analytics tool can identify top performers in your team, and maintain transparency on employee billable hours and productivity. Some might find the on-screen time-tracking desktop app interface to be a bit distracting.

7. Buddy Punch:

Buddy Punch online tracking tool

Online punch clock application helps track time and cuts the clutter. It has a simple-to-use drag-and-drop time-tracking feature. Using it, you can create comprehensive auto reports on overtime, PTO, and attendance quickly. It customizes reports to analyze timesheet data. You can also monitor remote works easily thereby managing productivity issues while optimizing their workflow.

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8. QuickBooks Time:

QuickBooks Time online tracking tool

Earlier referred to as ‘TSheets’, it is designed for small businesses maintaining bookkeeping using QuickBooks. It helps save precious money while billing clients or on your payroll. Employee monitoring features help in project tracking, billable hours, and PTO. Customer Relationship Management is made easy. However, no free plan is offered.

9. Timely:

Timely online tracking tool

This simple time-tracking tool eases time tracking. Auto-scheduling technology develops tasks without requiring users to input data manually. Time-tracking analytics run in the background to determine the tasks taking more time and offer information on all available resources.

Choose the best time-tracking tool for your small business

There are available numerous online tracking tools for small businesses. Choose something that fits best your industry and business needs.

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