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Top 8 Best Sales Engagement Platforms

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Running a business successfully requires promoting your products and compelling prospective customers to buy them. Your brand should have a mention at least in one social media platform. Using email marketing platform, there should be prompted ample information concerning your best product. There needs to be some introductory conversation concerning your business, a high-five, etc. Such things tend to have something unique and common. They are considered to be all sales engagements. How it will go down is likely to have a major impact upon your sales strategy.

Smartreach.io is a sales engagement platform that focuses primarily on deliverability. It helps the salesperson reach the right decision-maker and achieve their sales target. With features such as multichannel outreach, shared inbox, AI content, detailed audit trail, etc., sales guys can close more high-value deals.

About Sales Engagement Platforms

It is considered to be a software tool helping to optimize communication shared with customers, leads or prospects. The objective here is to increase overall sales. It also coordinates multi-communication channels while consolidating them within a manageable, single CRM system. It involves phone calls, email, social media, video chats, etc. It helps with the following:

  • Track prospects and customers as well as interact with them.
  • Enable proper communication with prospects and customers through social media, phone calls, text, emails, etc.
  • Evaluate all efforts made and come up with necessary improvements.
  • Coordinate interactions among agents to avoid stepping on other’s shoes or neglecting customers.

Top 8 platforms to consider

1. Replyio:

Replyio sales engagement

To improve overall productivity, automation is vital. Reply provides you with the same. It helps automate LinkedIn outreach, email search, SMS text messages, personal emails, phone calls, WhatsApp feeds, tasks including other things. It is designed to do away with manual work. It also streamlines prospect/customer interaction process, thus saving precious time, communicate better and get more Salesforce High Velocity Sales.

2. Outreach io:

Outreach io sales engagement

This tool can help perfect your desired sales outreach strategy. Remote sales teams can benefit from this platform. It manages and coordinates the sales team while optimizing customer lifecycle thereby increasing revenue. It also offers detailed recommendations and analytics on strategy improvement tips.

3. Hubspot Sales Hub:

Hubspot sales hub sales engagement

Primarily, this platform is a CRM system. However, it claims to have everything desired. Multiple ‘tiers’ exist based on desired features. Several automation tools are present including customization options to choose from. Whatever be your sales goal, you can achieve them with this platform.

4. Close:

Close sales engagement

It has numerous sales platform functionalities allowing you to manage and track all customer interactions. It includes video chats, emails, phone calls and SMS. All this is possible from a single shared platform. Also establish email sequences, use auto dialing system for reaching faster new leads and save precious time.

5. Yesware:

Yesware sales engagement

Sales professionals can benefit immensely from this ‘all-in-one toolkit designed for sales professionals’. When included with Gmail or Outlook, it can track interactions with customers and prospects. Reach out to people in huge numbers by using different types of tools. It also offers auto meeting scheduling, follow-up templates as well as recommended prospect campaigns.

6. SalesLoft:

Salesloft sales engagement

Helping to improve Salesforce High Velocity Sales, it is meant for B2B sales. It is an amazing solution for enterprises and SMBs alike. It can help track all customer interactions in a single spot, personalize offers, automate customer reach. It also measures your success.

7. MixMax:

Mixmax sales engagement

This engagement platform considers itself to be ‘email for closers’. You can master email sales, gather information from surveys and polls, share calendar, schedule drip campaigns, track emails and automate busywork. This email marketing platform helps integrate all currently used tools.

8. Apollo:

Apollo sales engagement

This data-driven platform helps manage campaigns, identify and engage new leads. You get to prospect through the platform’s own proprietary database, analyze, experiment with your own outreach and automate sales outreach.

Therefore, comparing the above top Sales Engagement Platforms will help you to know which one will suit your business perfectly.

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