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Top 6 future technology predictions

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Future technology predictions can be both scary and daring!

Indeed, futurists are focusing on changing the way many things are performed in our daily lives. With machines and scientific theories getting closer to life – there is nothing stopping them! If you are wondering how future technology will be, take a good look at how transportation services have evolved. Don’t you see a drastic change? From relying on our feet, to using cows, to racing horses to launching rockets, transportation has improved by leaps and bounds. And, this gives us every reason to ponder and wonder about future technologies. With this being said, here are six future technology predictions for you!

Intelligence at zero-size

First things first, everyone would accept the fact that things need to get smaller and portable. This is why zero-size is a trend in many industries. And, when it comes to zero-size intelligence, it is all about having a computer with so many brains. Yet, it can be carried around anywhere without any hassles.

Space explorations

Future of space exploration

Next in line would be space explorations. The talk about future technology predictions will be incomplete without space. The curiosity to venture into mars and moon has always been there. Now, we have –powerful rockets that can help in achieving this mission.


Wouldn’t it be great if you can read another person’s mind without any demands? If you can truly read someone else’s mind, it would be a whole new world! This is where neurohacking comes into the picture. This is a futuristic technology that uses electrical signals to read and decode brain waves. The technique will be extremely useful in handling patients with dementia.

Quantum control

Many fortune 500 companies are working towards this technology. This is all about building minuscule computer chips. As the complexity of the circuit gets bigger, the chips are made smaller. Nevertheless, the speed of the complex circuitry has to be only improved, and not compromised.


Moving on, future technology predictions have so much to say about nanomed. This is building technology at nano-size. And, the precision to be achieved in nanotechnology is totally unbelievable. This is a copy of how nature works around us. Undeniably, this is going to be a challenge for futurists.


Finally, you have universal translators. These are devices that can help people understand any spoken language. If the universal translator is created successfully, it is bound to unite people around the world! Any confusion caused by global languages can be avoided.

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