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Top 6 Fleet Management Tools For Small Businesses

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You may perhaps belong to the Logistics Industry and eager to run a transport company successfully. If so, then you could be owning a fleet of vehicles for which you have hired drivers. But managing them manually is not an easy task. You need to use the vehicles efficiently and ensure it is in top condition. Also, how your drivers maintains and uses the vehicle also affects its condition considerably. If you operate a transport business, you do need to install fleet management software. It can curtail expenses and ensure smooth operation.

Fortunately, there are available several ready-to-use software packages that can save your business precious money and time. It will be wise to undertake thorough research to find about them in details. Choose the right one that suits your business needs. It also needs to accommodate your expanding business and help drive your revenue further.

Top 6 Fleet Management That Small Businesses Can Benefit From

1. Fleet Maintenance Pro:

Fleet maintenance pro fleet management

This software is known to offer comprehensive inventory tracking facilities to Supply Chain Management. Thus, with its implementation, you will be in a better position to know when your vehicles need repairs or maintenance. It also allows entering as well as tracking unlimited asset numbers including construction equipment, trucks and cars. It also records efficiently work orders, parts inventory and fuel transactions. It provides flexible reporting options thereby enabling you to export, email or print them.

2. GeoTab:

Geotab fleet management

This web-based software gathers in a central location all information concerning your drivers and vehicles. It allows tracking hours of service put in by your drivers to ensure compliance. It also reduces fatalities and driver-related accidents. It offers benchmarking reports to analyze changing trends that otherwise might impact your business. You may check out how driving behavior is affected in different locations and weather patterns.

3. Fleetio:

Fleetio fleet management

It provides mobile and cloud-based software. The dashboard present on this software can be used by your whole team to collaborate. Moreover, small & medium businesses can access this software from any location and using any device. It stores all vital details about your fleet including registration and license renewals, important documents and loan data. Calendar view can be used to assign drivers with necessary equipment and vehicles. You can even get to view active drivers whenever desired.

4. GPS Insight:

Gps insight fleet management

This Supply Chain Management software offers actionable insights on how to operate your business using real-time GPS tracking facilities. You can get to know your current fleet operation patterns. Also can be identified those areas that can reduce operating costs. The app offers unlimited historical data. It is indeed a wonderful option and can suit different sized businesses with ease. Besides this, it is scalable thus ensuring meeting business needs presently as well as in the future.

5. RTA Fleet Management:

Rta fleet management

This software meant for small & medium businesses was founded by Ron Turley in 1979. He was an ex-UPS manager. He had a rich experience in fleet management at UPS that taught him how to address different types of problems proactively. This software offers motor pool tracking, inventory management, work order management, etc. It is scalable and is also affordable. It also accommodates business expansion.

6. Agile Fleet Commander:

Agile fleet commander fleet management

This Logistics Industry-based software displays the exact location time of your fleet when active. You don’t need to follow paper processes as it allows automating the entire thing. You can even mange every aspect associated with your business. It includes billing, routine vehicle maintenance, assigning vehicles, etc. Company’s analytics can suggest right-sizing the fleet, thereby enabling efficient operation. A good number of companies that have opted this software have experienced fleet downsizing by about 15%, thereby reducing their expenses considerably.

Thus, you need to select Fleet Management software that will work effectively for your transport business.

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