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Top 5 Photoshop Alternatives for Mac

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Photoshop is a program with a great set of tools and features. Currently, there are versions for MAC and Windows. However, despite this, software development does not stand still, and we are happy to show you some alternatives to Photoshop. They may differ in functionality, but each user has his own needs, and maybe one of the above alternatives will be better for you than Photoshop. We’ll cover the most popular options, and you’ll find more alternatives to Photoshop for Mac on Skylum’s blog where everything is explained in much more detail.

Best 5 Alternatives to Photoshop for MAC

Some programs must be downloaded, while others can be used directly from the browser, but they have one thing in common — they can create a beautiful and high-quality image!

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an excellent photo editor that is best suited for professional photographers. It has a huge number of tools, such as:

  • image retouching tools;
  • non-destructive adjustments;
  • different filters;
  • fonts and effects.

Just like Photoshop, Luminar Neo can work with masks and layers. The toolbar can be customizable depending on the user’s needs. Luminar Neo was designed for beginners and advanced photographers alike. This makes it easier for newcomers to learn the application. Luminar Neo provides a lot of tools for retouching photos and the ability to combine two or more instruments.

Affinity Photo

Last year, Affinity Photo was voted the best app for Mac. This professional software has everything you’d expect from a premium photo editor.

Edit and retouch images and create layered compositions. Affinity Photo boasts effective photo correction tools as well as an excellent noise reduction filter.

Not only can you retouch images with standard tools such as lightening, darkening, stamp, patch, and red-eye removal, but you can also, for example, deform objects or remove unwanted details from a photo with a special brush.

Dedicated editor for RAW image processing:

  • high Dynamic Range (HDR) editing;
  • creating panoramas;
  • batch image processing;
  • 360° image editing, etc.


Sketch can’t be called a photo editing application, but it can also do the job. The best feature of Sketch is that all changes are applied without overwriting the original file so that you can go back to the original at any time.

This program allows you to edit images at a basic level, including inverting, cropping, and coloring. Sketch can be called a primitive raster image editor, and its functionality is sufficient for many not-too-complex projects.

Other key functions:

  • adjust colors: hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast;
  • reducing the size of an image/file;
  • replacing images in projects with a single click (if you use the same tool);
  • ability to work with layers and edit vector elements.


GIMP is a powerful free and open-source photo editing and processing program. You can download this code and make changes as you see fit, and add additional features with third-party plug-ins.

GIMP was designed for high-quality photo processing, including retouching and image restoration. You can also create original illustrations with it — many Photoshop competitors don’t include this feature (or they do, but it’s hard to use).

The toolkit of this program includes:

  • ability to create icons and other elements;
  • ability to use scripts for image processing (C, C ++, Perl, Python, Scheme, and others);
  • color tools that are compatible with other free programs: Scribes, Inkscape and Swatch Booker;
  • a large number of acceptable formats and customizable workspace;
  • extensive library of tutorial videos on the site so that you can quickly become familiar with the tool.

Gimp photoshop

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is a reversible image editing application that allows you to make changes without distorting the original data, as well as drawing. It also includes an efficient automatic color adjustment tool based on machine learning that can improve any image in seconds.

One of the most useful features of Pixelmator Pro is the ability to export optimized images for the web: you do not have to use several programs to edit and then compress images to add them to your website. The application also includes several workflow tools to help you perform your tasks more efficiently.

Program functions not listed in the description:

  • compatible with the Touch Bar on your Mac,
  • preview function that lets you see what the image would look like if you applied changes,
  • text editing,
  • SVG editing and exporting,
  • drawing tools that allow you to create any illustration by hand.


In this article, we told about the best software like Photoshop for Mac. Choose a program based on your requirements. If you are going to edit photos on a professional level, you should be interested in the power and tools of the application in the first place. Try to test these photo editors yourself. Then you will experimentally find the software that fits all your requirements.

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