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Top 5 Ecommerce Trends You Should Know In 2023

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When it comes to being an ecommerce entrepreneur, one thing is for certain: Ecommerce trends ensure that nothing stays the same!

Changes in technology, consumer preferences, and other areas are frequent. This means that a product or a service that’s in high demand one day may not be so popular a few months down the line.

To boost your chances of success in online sales, it’ll be crucial that you stay alert and adaptable to changes as they occur.

If you’re the owner of an online store, here are 5 ecommerce trends that you’ll want to keep an eye on as we head into 2023!

1. Mobile commerce is on the rise

Today, people are using their mobile phones for much more than talking and texting. Shopping on mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular, leading to mobile commerce’s growing importance in online retail. According to Statista, U.S. retail sales from mobile commerce are estimated to have surpassed $360 billion in 2021. This figure is expected to almost double by 2025 and reach $710 billion.

If you want your brand to remain competitive, you must consider consumers’ ever-advancing appreciation for mobile shopping. Optimize your website for mobile use to give shoppers the best experience possible, allow mobile payment options like Apple, Google Pay, and PayPal, and make it super simple for visitors to check out on their mobile devices.

2. Video and augmented reality are becoming more prevalent

While video reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are certainly not new in e-commerce, a growing number of brands are taking advantage of these types of technology to improve the shopping experience for their customers.

One disadvantage of online shopping is that consumers aren’t able to see or touch products in person. However, VR and AR can help shoppers better visualize these items and imagine using them. Examples of this technology include making it possible for site visitors to try on make-up or accessories using the camera on their phone or see how products like furniture would look in a specific room in their home.

Video and augmented reality ecommerce trends

3. Consumers want eco-friendly shopping experiences

Amidst increasing concerns about climate change and other issues involving the environment, many shoppers around the world are becoming more interested in green commerce and are prioritizing sustainable brands. This trend entails a growing demand for not only products created from more sustainable materials but also brands that employ eco-friendly business practices.

What does this mean for your own online store? If you’re not already doing so, try to use sustainable packaging materials and offer shipping options that are less harmful to the environment. You might also consider providing customers with clear instructions on how to recycle your products or packaging.

4. Delivery expectations are increasing

Gone are the days when consumers would be okay with non-transparency concerning the delivery of their orders. As online shopping has become more prevalent and shoppers have many more choices at their disposal, delivery expectations have increased and will likely continue to do so. Precise delivery times, up-to-date tracking, and fast shipping are now standard practices rather than exceptions in e-commerce.

Many companies are also giving their customers options to accommodate different priorities and preferences. For instance, shoppers might be able to choose between next-day delivery at a higher cost and slower delivery for free. In addition, shoppers generally want to be kept informed of their orders’ progress throughout every step of the delivery process.

5. Subscription services continue to grow

Attracting new customers to a business is an essential activity for most companies, but it’s usually more expensive and time-consuming than retaining current customers. For this reason, an increasing number of e-commerce brands are implementing subscription services as a way to boost retention and bring in regular revenue.

While subscriptions are attractive to merchants, they’re popular with consumers as well. They offer added convenience and simplicity, as they remove the need for shoppers to manually order their favorite goods or services. Subscription models can be found for digital products such as music, podcasts, and online classes and physical products in the form of subscription boxes, where subscribers receive a box featuring a variety of items on a consistent basis.

Be sure to keep these trends in mind as you develop your strategy for your eCommerce business going into 2023 and beyond. For additional tips on all kinds of topics related to running an online store and building your business, don’t hesitate to check out the wide range of articles on the WiziShop blog!

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