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Top 4 Meal Kits Dublin 2022 – There’s One Clear Winner

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We’re all tired of cooking endless meals so we decided to try out four Dublin based meal-subscription services. They provided delicious, high-quality meals that we were pleasantly surprised by. However, convenience comes with a price.

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A meal kit subscription service allows you to cook a feast at home.

There is one question that I have come to hate over the past year and half: “What’s for dinner?” Although I enjoy cooking, it became a chore with everyone staying at home day after day.

There are many people out there who feel the same way as me. People who want to eat healthy and not have to worry about shopping, cooking, or planning. Many people order takeout food. Takeaways are not a good option for your health and financial situation.

MS is a condition that requires me to be very careful about what I eat. I avoid foods that are rich in butter, cream, or hydrogenated oils. These can be found in many take-outs.

Another option is to buy ready-to-eat meals from the supermarket. However, I have found that they lack the freshness and flavour of homemade food.

Subscription services for meals seem like the perfect compromise. These services deliver freshly prepared meals to your home, in perfectly proportioned portions to minimize waste.

My family and I have been eating four meal subscriptions for the past two weeks to find out. They offer healthy, delicious meals that are easy to prepare and have a variety of convenient options.

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And Dublin meal kit winner is?

Eatstro Meal Kits Dublin

Meal kits with high-quality ingredients delivered right to your doorstep in perfectly portioned quantities. Also included is step-by-step recipe cards that will show you how to make a delicious meal for your family.

Targeted towards families who are looking for fresh home-cooked meals but don’t have the time or inclination to shop. Starting at EUR5.41

The food is wrapped in natural salt-based, ice packs and delivered in a cardboard container.

Eastro provides eight different dinner options each week. The ingredients are delivered the next day to your home.

This allows you to save time shopping. Pre-portioned ingredients also mean that you can save time and reduce waste. If you are given a recipe for 30g of olives it will have already been measured.

This was so easy to use. It allowed us to personalise dishes according to the tastes of the family. I could adjust the seasoning to my family’s taste when I cooked the pork ragu, which was a big hit with my partner and our little boy. You can also leave out the chilli flakes, as neither one of us like heat. For dinner, we had sweet potato and feta tacos. It was a quick and easy dinner with fresh, vibrant flavours that I also added avocado leftovers from the fridge.

We loved these meal kits. It was our favourite of the lot. You can order online and choose from a variety of dishes. It takes very little time and requires no preparation. It took me just a few minutes to chop, stir, and season the ingredients and I had a delicious meal ready for my family. Healthy dishes that suit my family’s tastes, I would order a few meals kits every week. This would take the hassle out of dinner.

Meal Kits Dublin Delicious meals

Kayla’s Kitchen

Made from scratch with the finest ingredients locally sourced.

Targeted at anyone who is interested in frozen healthy, nutritious meals, especially those with low immunity systems.

Main courses starting at EUR5.95; sides starting at EUR1.95, desserts starting at EUR3.95.

The meals are packaged in plastic food trays made from recyclable materials and enclosed in cardboard boxes lined with sheep’s wool.

When it arrives, I am hungry so I immediately defrost some tomato and fennel soup. It tastes fresh and clean. It has only five ingredients: tomatoes, fennel and onion, celery (leek), garlic, olive oil and salt. It makes a wonderful lunch with some crusty bread.

The rich chocolate brownie with the juicy black cherries and crunchy pecans is a dessert I cannot resist.

Another hit is a red lentil dahl topped with fresh mango, an Irish beef stew and an Indian butternut and chickpea dish. A Sicilian lemon chicken dish made of free-range chicken and preserved lemons in a plum tomato sauce is another.

However, the texture of the long grain brown rice and the mashed potato changed when they were re-heated. Many dishes needed a little more salt. This could be because they are suitable for people who are sick or in recovery.

Kayla’s Kitchen dishes had a home-cooked flavor that is rare in pre-prepared food. They were delicious and as healthy as any food I would make. I didn’t feel guilty about serving them to my family.

Kayla’s Kitchen meals would be a nice addition to my freezer. I am actually happy that I have beef stroganoff, and a dish of free-range chicken with a buttery and spiced tomato sauce. I will pull them out when I have the energy and time to cook dinner.

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Gourmet Fuel

Healthy eating without hassle: This company offers a personalized nutrition service that will guide you to the right eating plan for you. Qualified nutritionists are available to answer your questions and help guide you in making the right decisions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Target customers are people who work full-time and don’t have the time to cook nutritious meals for their bodies, particularly those who are interested in exercise.

Breakfasts start at EUR5.45, lunches starting at EUR7.75 and dinners starting at EUR8.95. Snacks such as protein balls or cake start from EUR2.95, sides and desserts start from EUR4.45.

The packaging for the dishes can be recycled, but the box in which they are delivered is made of polystyrene.

This website has so many tempting options that I am starving when I make my final choice. They arrive a few days later and I am eager to eat the seafood paella.

It makes a great lunch by scraping off the parmesan cheese (I avoid dairy), adding some salt and scattering flat-leaf Parsley on top.

My four-year old son, while I enjoy that, tries the sweet potato bites and taco sauce. He jumped up and waved his arms in the air to shout “Best sweet potatoes ever!” They are quite good, I have to admit.

We share the chocolate fudge cake as a snack. We could eat it again, and it was delicious.

My family also rated my saag aloo chicken curry with its balanced spices and the chicken pad Thai, which zinged in the flavors of fresh coriander and lime.

The fish cakes had too many potatoes in comparison to the fish and there was a side dish with nutty cauliflower rice that had a bitter taste. Maybe that’s what happens to brassicas when they are frozen.

Verdict: I would order again from Gourmet Fuel. You can choose from a wide range of delicious dishes. My family tried all the options, and they were delicious and filling.


You can mix and match your favorite mains, sides and desserts to get healthy, delicious meals delivered right at your doorstep.

Clients to target: Young couples with children and professionals who are time-strapped.

Main courses starting at EUR5.25, sides starting at EUR3.50 and desserts starting at EUR4.75.

All food deliveries use 100% recyclable or compostable packaging.

A puy lentil bolognese is the first dish I tried from Eatto’s extensive menu. It has a very clean and healthy taste, making it difficult to believe that it was not freshly prepared.

It doesn’t perform as well with the rice I cook to go with it. The rice develops a dry, bitty texture. However, this is also something I have observed with other meal subscriptions.

After eating the apple crumble, I indulge in the vegan version. It is a delicious combination of sweet stewed apples and cinnamon with a smoky oat topping.

My little boy and his partner loved the beef meatballs with Mediterranean vegetables in a rich tomato-based sauce. The chargrilled Irish chicken breast was delicious with slow-roasted vegetables, rich tomato sauce, and basil oil drizzle. I am an expert cook, and these dishes were delicious.

Although I had to increase the seasoning in some of these dishes, that was a minor issue and a matter of personal preference. Eatto is a great choice for people who have the means to afford it because of its natural ingredients and emphasis on flavour and health.

Top 15 Dublin Restaurant Meal Kits

Restaurant Meal Kits Delicious meals

These DIY kits can be used to make everything from pizza, pasta, curries, and cocktails.

We wouldn’t believe you if you told us in April, when we were already several weeks into lockdown, that staying home would not only encourage but also be enforced by the Government for the second time. We are here, however.

This week, we are now into week four of the six weeks lockdown. There is a little bit of freedom this time. We have seen our family and friends this time, unlike the first lockdown which began on March 27. Schools and universities are still open. All airports are still operational and can be used for weddings with less than 25 guests. We have been again cut off from our favorite restaurants, the pubs, and the gym. It is back to waiting in line at supermarkets, two metres apart, to get the essentials. Some supermarkets even have to close off any items they consider ‘non-essential’. Many of us have returned to work from home, are dealing with furloughs or redundancy, and find ourselves once again on the frontline fighting the virus.

This is why many people find the second lockdown more difficult than the first. We are now several months into a life-threatening pandemic, with no sign of an end. We’re here to help you, whether it’s grocery shopping, cooking dinner, or just plain eating the same toasted sandwich with ham for breakfast. It’s exhausting. Even though take-out is great for local businesses, it can quickly become prohibitively expensive. Also, baking bread becomes tedious.

It’s a great time to experiment with other cooking methods than stir fries and pasta for dinner. You can also make your own home food boxes.

There are many benefits to at-home meal kits. The convenience of having a meal kit delivered right to your home means that you don’t need to worry about how to cook.

The hardest part? The hardest part? Deciding where to order. Many cult restaurants in Ireland have created their own kits. This allows loyal customers to recreate classic menu items at home while still enjoying the best pizzas, tacos and curries in town. You will find the instructions included in each package. Once you have followed the instructions, all that is left to do is heat up and plate it up.

Take a look at our selection of the best home-cooked meals and food boxes, including vegan options and tasty desserts. Bookmark this page to keep it updated over the next weeks. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via our social channels.


Grainne O’Keefe is BuJo’s culinary director and head chef. She has created a new burger recipe kit. This kit includes 12 beef patties made from grass-fed beef, eight BuJo brioche rolls, BuJo burger sauce and 12 slices of cheddar cheese. It also comes with two dill pickles. Delivery available in Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Sandymount. Get your order here

Dough Bros

They first announced that they would be reopening the doors for click-and-collect, but they have since unveiled a new The Dough Bros DIY pizza kit. The kit includes three pizza bases that can be fired wood-fired. The only thing left to do is add the toppings, cheese and sauce – all are included in the box. The kits can be collected from Galway City Centre or delivered to your door anywhere in Ireland. The kits will arrive on Thursday/Friday following your order. They can be kept in the fridge up to Sunday evening or in the freezer for up to two weeks. Click here to order.

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Cliff Townhouse

The three-course ‘heat at home’ menu is priced at EUR 32.50 pp. It can be collected at Cliff Townhouse, Dublin (and delivered within 10km), or Cliff at Lyons, Kildare. Afternoon Sea (EUR27.50pp), breakfast for two (EUR30), and a take-away menu with a delicious family fish pie for at least four, EUR57, which includes salad and a bottle wine. Order now or Call (01) 638 33939.


Jack and Theo Kirwan are brothers behind Sprout, a healthy food company that delivers fresh food to your door. It costs EUR35 and includes two types of organic greens from the Kirwan family farm as well as organic potatoes (fennel, courgettes), carrots, spring onions, mushrooms, spring onions, spring onions, and broccoli. Compsey yoghurt is included, as well as a ‘Free From Everything” granola, French dressing, and Nurney organic eggs. For an additional fee, customers can add sourdough bread and roast coffee from Le Levain to their order. For EUR25, you can get a smaller box that is veg-only, and a larger one for EUR50. Customers have two choices: pre-order your bag for collection at Sprout Baggot street through the app or website, or have it delivered to you via Deliveroo within a radius of Baggot Street. You can order here.

Smokin’ Bones

Smokin’ Bones offers all their big hitters in their BBQ in A Box. Each box includes pulled pork, brisket and smoked pit beans. Also included are slider buns, American Red slaw with sweet chili mayo dressing, American red cabbage and three of their most loved sauces (Memphis Barbecue, North Carolina, and Spicy BBQ). This box doesn’t require you to light up your BBQ while holding an umbrella. Place all meats in the oven and cook for 35 minutes. Serve. It couldn’t be simpler.

Good Day Deli delivers Kete Kai boxes

This South Pacific-inspired cafe now delivers sustainable food boxes directly to your doorstep. Each box serves up to four people and includes Good Day Deli mezze, cheese, nuts and fruit, as well as a bottle Le Caveau natural white wine. You also get four delicious cake slices. Every box is made from sustainable local ingredients such as Hegarty’s cheese and Bushby strawberries. Online ordering makes it easy to order and receive your delivery.


Featherblade’s EUR39.99 bacon Cheeseburger Box – Six burgers, applewood smoked sweet thick-cut bacon and brioche buns, as well as black garlic mayo and dijon mayo, aged cheese and pickles – is available for pickup at Dawson St Restaurant and for delivery to Dublin Bray, Greystones and Dublin. You can order here.

Wing It

Even the most skilled chef can struggle to master the art of crispy buffalo wings. Wing It offers an easy way to save time and get a meal kit for your home. You can choose from three types of boxes: the Traditional Wing Box, Boneless Wing Box or Mixed Wing Box.


Uno Pizza has excellent at-home food hacks and kits that allow you to achieve restaurant-quality char, even though we don’t have our own pizza ovens. Rathmines’ pizzeria launched the ‘Uno At Home’ kits. These kits include all the necessary ingredients to make a Neapolitan-style pizza at home. All you need is a frying pan, an oven or grill. The classic Margherita is available for EUR16 and the spicy Diavola is available for EUR18. If you are feeding a large group, the Family Kit includes both types of ingredients. For an additional EUR20, you can add a bottle prosecco to any order. You can pick up the kits or have them delivered to your home. Get your order here


You can have a Mexican fiesta at home with 777 AtHome. It includes everything you need to recreate a meal at the popular Mexican restaurant. Totopos and salsas to serve, chorizo tacos, chicken (tingas), tostadas, mushrooms (setas), taquitos and grilled corn slaw are all included in each box. Also, you get chocolate cremeux and pico de gallo. The box is priced at EUR50 and can be collected from Dillingers in Ranelagh or 777. Top tip: While you’re there, pick up a bottle their pre-made margarita. We promise you won’t regret. Click here to order.

Asador | Prado At Home

Prado At Home with their BBQ & Deluxe Boxes (EUR49/EUR75) the team has now expanded their offering with the introduction of the new Surf ‘n’ Turf Box EUR59. You will find everything you need to make the perfect dinner for two. This includes a starter of prawn pil pil and a premium, dry-aged chateaubriand. There’s more! Prado and Asador are thrilled to announce the new At Home Cocktail Kit EUR49. This is their most creative and playful offering to date. They partnered with Teeling Whiskey to offer you unique cocktails that are pre-shaken or stirred, and delivered right to your doorstep. Get your order here

BANG @ Home

Bang Restaurant & Wine Bar launched Bang @ Home as a delivery and collection option in response to the Dublin lockdown. A unique set menu of five courses will be created each week and available for order at the Michelin Guide restaurant. Delivery is available in Dublin on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Place your order here. Place your order here


Allta Box was created by the creative and innovative people behind Dublin’s most popular restaurant, before Covid-19 restrictions. However, you can still enjoy the Allta experience with their delivered box of culinary treats and tricks. You can order from their website and it will be delivered. The Allta Box costs EUR73 with paired wines and EUR55 without. Olands sourdough bread, shiitake butter, fuet and spiced olives, Ballymakenny, smoked Gubbeen Malfetti, cimede rapa, hazelnut miso and squid Ink Sopressini with cuttlefish Ragu and foraged Sea herbs, as well as chocolate cake with salted caramel, espresso cream and pecan and oatmeal cookie dough. These at-home boxes sell quickly due to high demand. So get your buzzers ringing this Saturday at noon to receive your order for the following week. Click here to order.

Platform Pizza

It is a popular pizza restaurant in the country, and Platform Pizza Bray in Co Wicklow has joined the food box revolution. The website StuffUNeed.ie offers a “create your own pizza” service. It can be delivered anywhere in Dublin, Bray, Greystones and Greystones and costs EUR34.99. The box includes five pizzas and tips for cooking them. This box is sure to entertain the children. Get your order here.

The Butcher Grill

Butcher Grill offers three options for steak lovers. They are also very affordable. There are three options available: Chateaubriand (EUR50), Chateaubriand (30 EUR40), and striploin (EUR45). Each option comes with two sides. Sides include mashed potatoes with hazelnut dressing, broccoli and hazelnut dressing and smoky beans with bacon or cheesy cauliflower. A selection of desserts are also available. You can order here.

There are many ways to bring delicious food to your home, whether you don’t have the time or the desire to eat out. There are many home dining options, from Boojum to host a Mexican fiesta to Uno to serve pizza, so there is something for everyone. We have the perfect list for you, whether you are planning a special occasion or just looking to have a restaurant-style dinner after 8pm.

Our Verdict On Restaurant Meal Kits

1. 777

The 777 home kit can comfortably serve 2-3 people, regardless of whether you choose their Taquito Party Kit (or their Veggie Taco Kit). The Taquito Kit includes tortilla chips, salsa tipica and salsa verde as well as a variety of desserts such as bread and butter pudding and pico de gallo.

2. Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit Date Night Special is for two and includes a pre-starter with arancini, a starter dish of pork belly, main course of fillet beef and dessert of apple crumble tartlet. This is a wonderful dining experience that will make you feel like a special guest at your home.

3. Winedown

Winedown’s dinner box for two will keep you busy while they are closed in January. You will receive six courses of tasting menu including focaccia and smoked fungi croquettes, grilled Halloumi, slow braised pork belly, steak tenders, and a chocolate marsquis dessert.

4. Boojum

This fajita fiesta is worth every penny. I’ve tried it myself. Although it says that it can serve four people, depending on how hungry they are, it could easily feed five to six. For the ultimate fajita party, you can get their Mexican rice, chicken, tomatoes, onions, cheese and much more. For those who can’t eat meat, there’s a three-bean vegan fajita recipe. The current price for both kits is EUR22.99. This is quite affordable considering the quantity of food that you get.

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5. Uno Pizza

Although New Year’s is over, you can still order a Uno pizza kit for January nights. You can order your at-home meal kit from Uno anywhere in Ireland. For the ultimate home-cooked pizza experience, the kits include dough balls, fior datte mozzarella, san marczano tomato sauce and parmigiano reggiano as well as fresh basil, virgin oil, and more.

6. Smokin Bones

A box with Smokin Bones can be used to make a barbecue. You only need to cook the meat for 35 minutes before you want to enjoy your barbecue feast with family and friends. There are many options, including a vegetarian option if you like the Smokin Bones flavors but don’t want to eat meat.

7. The Butcher Grill

You can pick and choose the items that you need to make a delicious home-cooked steak dinner with this home kit. The majority of the work is done automatically. You just have to cook the steaks and heat the sides. This is a great choice for an anniversary, birthday, or Saturday night when you want to feel special.

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