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Top 14 Startups You Need To Watch Out For In 2022

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We’re getting closer to an AI-first world every day, and now is a fantastic time for IT firms to make their impact. As we all understand, AI and robotics will govern the future. As a result, venture capital firms are looking for new startup ideas.

Following we have produced the top 14 startups you need to watch out for in 2022:

1. SurveyAuto – AI Startup

Surveyauto ai startup via location tracking

SurveyAuto is one of the newest startup companies in the Fintech sector with sustainable infrastructures. It gathers exact study results via location tracking, phone logs, multispectral illustrations, and open street view, making it easier to conduct a survey.

2. Spacemaker

Spacemaker startup

Another amazing startup is Spacemaker, which intends to design infrastructural development that may help businesses thrive while reducing pollution.

3. Capacity AI

Capacity ai startup

Can’t seem to locate that presentation? Had you forgotten about that task on your computer? On your trip, you can’t find the book you require? There is, however, a remedy to all of this. Capacity is an AI startup that has had a lot of success.

4. Eyeware Tech

Eyeware tech startup

Eyeware Tech is a game-changing startup in the field of camera tracking and identification. It tracks a person’s look and determines their motivation. The program was created to address real-world problems.

5. Streem

Streem startup

With Streem, customer service has never been easier. When customers do not receive the assistance they seek from a firm, they become unhappy. With stream, you can achieve your business goals by satisfying the customers.

6. Snackpass

Snackpass startup

Why stand in line once you can buy meals from your smartphone and pick one up when you arrive at the eatery? It’s much better than that the ‘drive-in’ approach because there’s no need to wait even an hour. The company also features sustainable infrastructures.

7. Cazoo

Cazoo startup

Are you looking for a vehicle online? Isn’t that skeptical? Wrong! Buying an automobile is today as simple as it gets, right from the comfort of your own home. Now, you can purchase the car sitting in the comfort of your bed.

8. Wheel

Wheel startup

The wheel is a global shared e – mobility cloud platform network. It aims to support smart city projects. You may hire wheels (motor pod) from Wheels for the day, a fortnight, or a year.

9. Verishop

Verishop startup

Verishop is a lifestyle e-commerce company that caters to your everyday fashion requirements. The high quality of the items offered by Verishop sets it apart from the competition. The brand solely sells high-end items from well-known manufacturers.

10. Eatigo

Eatigo startup

Eatigo claims to be Asia’s most popular restaurant booking site. It is endorsed by Trip Advisor and provides reservations online as well as meal specials.

11. NutSpace

Nutspace startup

NutSpace strives to prepare children for the future by teaching them 21st-century skills. It teaches youngsters “how to learn” via a proprietary Inventive ThinkingTM Method. NutSpace also has a program for students in the classroom.

12. CoachHub

Coachhub startup

CoachHub is a cloud-based mobile coaching site that provides individualized instruction to professionals at various levels of their careers. The platform features a global network of top-rated qualified coaches.

13. Coded Minds

Coded minds startup

Coded Minds is a cloud platform that promises to change the way people learn about technology. Methods are the focus of Coded Minds. It begins with a problem and then introduces a relevant, project-based course.

14. Springboards

Springboards startups

Springboard provides consumers with in-demand employment skills that might help them develop their skills. These classes are accessible online, so you may learn whenever you choose.


These are the 15 most inspirational startups for venture capital firms. They solve the problem of the consumers. The startups assist in bringing comfort and convenience to their consumers. So, you can follow them to analyze their performance.

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