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Top 12 Software Development Tools You Should Use In 2022

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It has become important for every business to implement different types of software in their business. It helps them to achieve greater heights of integration. Companies using the best tools can derive access from anywhere using smartphones and other devices. Software Development Tools ensures improvement of software development phases.

Top 12 Software Tools Web Developers should use in 2022

1. Stackoverflow:


Developers can get access to its reliable, largest online community to learn/share programming knowledge. It has 14+ million registered users along with 31 million answers and 21 million questions. It provides the opportunity to clear doubts and increase domain knowledge.

2. GitHub:


It serves as ‘GIT repository hosting’ service and offers numerous features. It provides web-based graphical interface, collaboration features and access control. It assures basic Task Management meant for every project. Last year it had generated 61+ million new repositories and 73 million developers.

3. Confluence:

It is rather an online corporate Wiki that Atlassian, an Australian software company had developed. Today, it serves as team workplace with collaboration and knowledge. It is a wonderful place for collaborating, capturing and generating project ideas. Also, the team structure can be better organized with work getting shared easily.

4. Jenkins:


This advanced Integrated Development Environment tool ensures continuous integration. It is easy to be installed in the server as central build occurs. It’s simple workflow is what makes it worth choosing. Software development parts can be automated using open-source automation server. It is associated with development, testing and deployment.

5. Git:


It is used to monitor alterations taking place in different file sets that finds use. This is more so to direct work amongst developers mutually to craft source code during development stage. It also manages security using cryptographic method.

6. Gleek:


This Project Management tool is quite similar to that of GitHub and serves as data modeling tool. It ensures referring Text-to-diagram functionality. This free software can be used without requiring registration. But then only keyboard can be used as drag & drop facility is not offered in it.

7. IntelliJ IDEA:

Intellij idea

This tool offers Integrated Development Environment and integrates required tools to develop the platform. It also has compiler, debugger and code editor. It also assures intelligent experience providing relevant recommendations through instant code completion. Besides this it also fables code analysis while being a reliable refactoring tool.

8. GitLab:


It serves as a leading integrated product allowing modern software development. It offers features like issue rectification, monitoring everything available, version control and code review. Teams using this tool can plan, monitor single application meant for whole DevOps lifecycle.

9. Codepen:


This platform can help Web Developers to learn faster. There are available lots of articles to ensure deriving better guidance. This community also helps test as well as display user-built CSS, JavaScript code-based snippets and HTML. It enjoys 14.16+ million visits/month and has 330,000+ registered users.

10. Docker:


It serves as service product using OS level virtualization. It also ensures software package delivery termed as ‘containers’. The latter share services of single OS while having few resources unlike virtual machines. Also are offered multiple languages, interfaces, architecture and frameworks to help with lifecycle stage, thereby developing huge support.

11. Slack:

This Project Management app is used widely for communication purpose. It assures enhanced communication amongst different teams and reduces significantly daily emails. Diverse channels do have common one allowing everyone to be united.

12. Feedly:

Feedly software development tools

This tool allows you to organize, share and read vital information. It also acts as news feed, adding interested blogs. You also get receive and add favorites, organize blogs, YouTube channels and publications.

The above are the top Software Development Tools that you may use to enhance your web development prospects and impress clients.

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