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Top 11 Fixed Asset Management Software of 2022

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An asset can be classified as something that you own. It needs to have some economic value to it and when needed could be converted into cash. Fixed assets are termed to be those owned for a longer time period. It includes heavy manufacturing equipment, vehicles, property, etc. They rather facilitate the entire production process. Final products cannot be produced without involving fixed assets such as land or machinery. Hence, to ensure enhance production, the company is required to own a good number of assets. It should also adopt the latest digital transformation platform.

Top 11 Fixed Asset Management Software to look out in 2022

1. Fishbowl:

Fishbowl asset management software

It suits advanced solutions. It features auto product recording to prevent stock-outs, calculation of inventory needs, as well as eCommerce platform integration. It also tracks expiration dates, calculates asset life cycle and depreciation. Prepares report to take appropriate actions on time while maintain asset condition.

2. AssetWorks:

Assetworks asset management software

It best suits scalable asset management programs. It offers trustworthy asset solutions like preparation of reports, maintain accurate records, mobile inventory solutions, etc. The other salient features include mobile inventory solutions to download and view fixed asset inventory. You can track multiple distribution or one facility center.

3. ManageEngine AssetExplorer:

Manageengine assetexplorer fixed asset management software

This financial Ratio Analysis software enables efficient, easy asset management. This web-based software is designed for large enterprises. It helps you to know the total asset ownership cost, manages asset lifecycle, your software and hardware, depreciation, etc.

4. Sage Fixed Assets:

Sage fixed assets fixed asset management software

This is considered to be complete, automated software that offers real-time view of all assets. It also calculates tax depreciation, project costs, etc. Provides disaster recovery and backup feature to secure data and tax savings opportunities.

5. UpKeep:

Upkeep fixed asset management software

It is a wonderful mobile asset management program that helps enhance your assets’ uptime. This is achieved by updating you on the asset’s history, lifecycle, history, etc. Advanced asset analytics program increase asset lifecycle.

6. IBM Maximo:

Ibm maximo fixed asset management software

This cloud-based, AI-powered accounting software monitors your assets, increases uptime, predicts maintenance, expands asset lifecycle, etc. This digital transformation platform enables AI-powered asset monitoring, data analytics features for predictive maintenance including Intelligence mobile EAM to track operational data and asset history.

7. InvGate Assets:

Invgate assets fixed asset management software

It offers full control and visibility of IT assets. You can control and monitor your assets. It allows record maintenance of each information on assets while providing insights into configurational changes made within the IT infrastructure.

8. EZ OfficeInventory:

Ez officeinventory fixed asset management software

This software is designed to benefit small businesses. It tracks location, maintenance status and depreciation of fixed assets. It also scans asset related barcodes with Android applications and iOS offered by the software.

9. AsseTrack FAMS:

Assetrack fams fixed asset management software

This financial Ratio Analysis software is best suited to track each asset’s current status. This web-based software records and tracks all fixed assets. It also prepares dynamic reports allowing you to take timely actions.

10. Asset Panda:

Asset panda fixed asset management software

This software offers you with insights into your asset data. You can even personalize asset fields thus enabling different users to enjoy diverse access levels. This will be depending on their role in the organization.

11. Cheqroom:

Cheqroom fixed asset management software

This software helps track your valuable assets. Big names such as Netflix, Harvard University and Google, etc. trust this platform. It helps prevent damages and thefts. You can also organize your assets and identify the available assets.

You need to invest in the best Fixed Asset Management Software that suits perfectly your business needs.

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