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Top 10 Useful Free Resources For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Businesses or doing a business is a bold step. 9/10 businesses face failure. It is a must to get help to increase success chances.  There are tons of free resources list available online and offline. You can follow a list of free resources for entrepreneurs.  Look for the one that offers you support through the resources and is valuable. The tools help to enhance your knowledge. You can improve communications, track investors down, improve branding, and lots more. There are lots of resources offering assistance in different fields.

Top 10 useful free resources

Bear in mind that the resources are helpful and are free websites and tools that may be helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. HubSpot Academy

Hubspot academy

It provides marketing, sales, (CRM)customer relationship management tools, and customer support.  They provide courses online for sales, marketing, service, and tutorial for free through their HubSpot Academy. There are comprehensive courses on social media use, content strategy, and artificial intelligence.

2. Skype

Everyone knows about Skype. Skype has lots to offer to businesses. It is one of the top 10 useful free resources. It offers powerful tools such as split-view mode, call recording, screen share, live subtitles, smart messaging, audio and full HD calls, web-to-phone calling, and more. Of course, not all the features come for free here. However, it is a great resource for international deals.

3. TweetDeck

Take advantage and use powerful resources such as Buffer and HootSuite. They are no more free sites. Make use of social media. TweetDeck is useful for Twitter users. You can create lists, personalized timelines, and searches, schedule posts, create team accounts, and lots more.

4. Pablo

Pablo is a photo editing tool allowing us to craft social media posts. They have a free stock library of 600,000+ images. In the photo-based landscape of social media, to grab potential customers add a composed image with a simple text post. It will gain attention.  Select an image, choose the size, insert graphics or filters, and add text to go with the image.

5. The Name App

Among the list of free resources for entrepreneurs, The Name App is handy and saves time. It allows performing multifaceted searches and handles Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr. Saves time.

6. Wave

Wave is an invoicing and accounting resource helping you in managing your expenses and income. Use their automated accounting software and their free platform to send professional invoices to your clients.  Upgrading to their paid programs offers access to bank payment compatibility, payment platform, and payroll management software.

7. Alice

With Alice, discover funding, business opportunities, expert advice, and more. Itis a small business development tool. It matches entrepreneurs with opportunities and custom-tailored tools. You can grow your business efficiently as it has the tools at no cost, and you can do things that you cannot do all by yourself.

8. Most Fundable Companies Survey

A survey is a useful tool, and you are eligible to receive a complimentary analysis. In case your business generates annual revenue below $10 million, you get the analysis.  It is the ‘most fundable’ companies adding to their list your company, and you get to attract investments.

9. Trello

A tool for project management. It helps to organize business tasks such as compiling lists, cards, and boards. Visualizing progress becomes easier and gives a team chances to collaborate. Their free version gives unlimited access to personal boards and access to voting, maps, calendars, etc.


Setting up the business functionality for your website, such as eCommerce may be a dream. But you do not want to spend now.  With Gumroad, use their eCommerce platform for zero monthly fees. You have to give transaction fees 5% with each sale. It is the best list of free resources for entrepreneurs as it allows using their tools and needs no significant commitment.

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  1. Great article! Perhaps another source that would be beneficial to businesses would be Startup Checkr.

    Startup Checkr is a website that lists useful tools or apps that business owners or startups can use to boost their business. You can find it all in one place with over 500+ latest tools or apps listed.

    It might make a good addition to your site.


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