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Top 10 Online Collaboration Tools for Project Management

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Project management tools for teams are It’s much easier now to break down goals and ideas into actionable tasks, assign that work to teammates, and communicate to move the project forward. Many Types of project management tools include time tracking and task management. For All types of Businesses, we would recommend these online collaboration tools…

Here we collected 10 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Project Management.

1. Online Collaboration Tools – Trello

Top Online Collaboration tools for Project Management-Trello

Trello is a web-based project management application originally made by Fog Creek Software in 2011 that was spun out to form the basis of a separate company in 2014 and later sold to Atlassian in January 2017. The company is based in New York City.

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your personal and work lives in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

Trello uses cards to allow you to organize your projects and day-to-day work. It can be used on an individual level as well as to collaborate with team members. Trello can be used not only to manage projects and tasks but can also be used as a lesson planner, a community bulletin, or an idea repository.

2. Online Collaboration Tools – Zoho

Top Online Collaboration tools for Project Management-Zoho

Zoho Corporation is a technology company based in California with development offices in India that provides SAAS services. The company was founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996.

Zoho Projects is an online project management software with collaboration and bug tracking that allows project teams to collaborate and get work done faster. The modules included in Zoho Projects are Tasks and Milestones, Documents, Project Calendars, and Meetings and Forums. All of them are part of the off-the-shelf capabilities of this application.

As requirements scale up and needs intensify, the add-on modules of BugTracker, Time Tracking, Billing, Wiki, and Chat can be added without problems to the application to provide an economical solution for smaller businesses.

Zoho Projects is a good fit for small, medium, and large enterprises without a PMO or certified PMPs on staff. Its application provides a common-sense approach to creating projects, tasks, scheduling, planning, and collaboration to complete a project.

3. Online Collaboration Tools: Productive

Top online collaboration tools for project management-productive

Productive is an online project management tool that helps you streamline your project management workflow by setting up and delivering each billable and non-billable service.

With Productive you can collaborate with teammates on tasks in real-time, customize each project, and invite clients aboard to save time on getting feedback. Streamlining your project management workflow in Productive helps you centralize project communications and get quicker project delivery through project templates. Productive helps you visualize progress and project data with custom fields. With all this, you can rest assured that you’ll get faster feedback from both clients and stakeholders.

Productive starts from $12.5 per user per month and offers a 14-day free trial. 

4. Online Collaboration Tools: ASANA

Top Online Collaboration Tools for Project Management-ASANA

founded in 2008 by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-engineer Justin Rosenstein, who both worked on improving the productivity of employees at Facebook.

Asana provides a world-class application that makes it easier for teams to track their work with greater clarity, accountability, and efficiency. It is one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, the top work-tracking vendor on Forbes’s inaugural Cloud 100 list, and the only enterprise software application to win Google’s 2016 Material Design Award.

Asana is free for teams of up to 15 members with unlimited projects and tasks. Web and mobile apps are available at iTunes and Google Play

5. Online Collaboration Tools: Basecamp

Basecamp was founded in 1999. We started with four people, and today we’re a company of about 50 spread out across 32 different cities around the world.

Basecamp uses a simple, visual interface to help individuals and teams manage their shared and personal projects and tasks. Basecamp’s dashboard provides an overview of all your discussions, to-dos, files, text documents, and events in a single glance.

Basecamp provides a project management solution for organizing both internal team projects as well as client projects. You can choose to restrict permissions and views for project items as well as entire projects. This allows you to share certain items with clients while keeping other items private for sharing among your teammates.

6. Online Collaboration Tools: Simple Sheets

Top online collaboration tools for project management-simple sheet

Simple Sheets provides 100+ Excel Templates, including several tools for project management, including Kanban, Gantt, Burndown Chart, Earned-Value Analysis, RACI, Gap Analysis, and more.

These templates are ideal for managing projects, budgets, deadlines, and tasks. Because it is built for Excel, it’s easy to onboard team members, as most professionals are competent with the popular spreadsheet software. Whereas many project management tools charge every month, Simple Sheets offers its bundle for a one-time price, making it the most affordable and effective solution on our list.

7. Online Collaboration Tools: Smartsheet

Smartsheet was founded in 2006, As of 2017, it has about 460 employees and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

It is the world’s leading SaaS platform for managing and automating collaborative work. Over 90,000 companies and millions of information workers trust Smartsheet to help them accelerate business execution and address the volume and velocity of today’s collaborative work.

Sound hard? It’s not. In fact, according to Forrester, over 90% of our customers say that Smartsheet is easy to deploy and use, and 96% of them would recommend Smartsheet to a colleague.

Smartsheet is used to collaborate on project timelines, documents, calendars, tasks, and other work. It combines some of the functionality of Microsoft Excel, Project, Access, and Sharepoint. It competes with Microsoft Project.

8.  Wrike

Wrike was founded in 2006 by Andrew Filev. Filev initially self-funded the company before obtaining investor funding later on. Wrike released the beta version of the Wrike product in December 2006.

Wrike’s end-to-end solution takes your projects from initial requests to tracking work progress and reporting results. With Wrike, project managers and team leads get an efficient tool to collect and organize project requirements, create project plans, and visualize schedules on the Gantt chart.

As work progresses, project plans can be adjusted easily, and all involved teams will get notifications about work changes. The custom report builder will help you slice project data to present results to executives or teams. Wrike’s project management tool gets distributed and co-located teams work together so that projects are completed faster to save time and Money.

9. Podio

Top Online Collaboration Tools for Project Management-Podio

Podio is a cloud-based collaboration service that was founded in 2009 and acquired by Citrix in 2012.

It supplies a web-based platform for organizing team communication, business processes, data, and content in project management workspaces. Users can also select business “apps” from an online app store or build their own according to project needs.

It gives people more power than they’ve ever had before to manage their work better, smarter, and in their own way. Combining hundreds of specialized and flexible work apps with messaging, tasks, reporting, workflow, and contact management. It eliminates scattered, unorganized work routines and replaces multiple products from different companies with a single environment and a single.


Flow is a product of MetaLab, a Canadian interface design firm. Based out of Victoria, B.C., Flow was launched in early 2011.

Flow provides agile project management, collaboration, issue tracking, learning and support, notifications, reporting, task management, and traditional project management functionality for all users, from personal use to large companies.

Flow excels in task management. Of the 451 project management solutions in our database that offer task management capabilities, it ranks above average.

Additional: 11. Conceptboard

Top Online Collaboration Tools for Project Management-Conceptboard

Conceptboard was founded in 2010. The company is privately held and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

It is a visual collaboration platform with a visual focus on marketing & remote teams. Conceptboard is where 250,000+ collaborators from 180 countries come together to innovate, discuss, and present their products and services.

Conceptboard offers flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options for businesses. The Enterprise edition offers secure cloud collaboration on a dedicated instance. Customers with even higher privacy, compliance, or regulatory requirements can choose the Conceptboard On-Premises solution; all the great collaboration features of Conceptboard are installed on your local network behind the corporate firewall.

Additional: 12. Bitrix24

Top Online Collaboration Tools for Project Management-Bitrix24

Bitrix24 aims to provide a practical solution for managing a company online. From clock-in at the start of the day through tasks, processing sales, and finishing with reporting, there are flexible and precise tools to handle each operation.  Over 10,000 intranets have been created already! Up to 12 users are free!

Bitrix24 simplifies communications with social features such as liking and comments and automated processes such as notifications, subscriptions to discussions or groups, and assisted reporting.Bitrix24 provides a solution that is ideal for small businesses and suitable for organizations of any size.

Additional: 13. ActiveCollab

Top online collaboration tools for project management-activecollab

ActiveCollabor is a powerful tool that lets your team stay organized and have a clear overview of who is doing what at any time of the day. It is feature-rich software that allows your team to track the time of every single step of the project’s development and collaborate with ease.

With ActiveCollab you can easily comment directly on the task, upload and share documents and files, and discuss any issues with everybody who takes part in the project. On top of that, it allows you to involve your clients in the project and let them know how deadlines and responsibilities overlap across projects. While ActiveCollab runs on the cloud platform, you can use the self-hosted option if you want full control of your data and an unlimited number of team members.

Additional: 14. Milanote

Top online collaboration tools for project management-milanote

Milanote is a tool for organizing creative projects into beautiful visual boards. By design, it feels a lot like working on the wall in a creative studio—visual, tactile, and sometimes a bit messy. Milanote is a great fit for designers who work in teams remotely.

Key Features:

Write notes & to-do lists, upload images & files, and save things you find on the web. Organize visually using the flexible drag-and-drop interface. Boards by default are a private place to think, but with a single click, you can create a shared workspace for collaboration with your team.


the free version is available with no time limit. PRO version: $9.99 per month (monthly and annual plans)

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  1. One major player is missing on your list: Nutcache. It’s one of the few all-in-one project management apps with a collaborative workspace.

  2. You didn’t include best free integrated collaboration platforms, like Bitrix24. Sure you can use Slack AND Basecamp AND Dropbox and pay for each, but it’s better to use something that has all those tools in one place for free. Bitrix24 and its clones are awesome.

  3. Hey guys awesome article! Would love to hear what you think of Deekit. We’re an online whiteboard built for remote teams. It’s all in real-time and the boards are infinite. Oh, and it’s free. Let us know what you think! 🙂

  4. Hi there!
    I think it will be great to see RealtimeBoard in your roundup. It easily integrates with Trello, Slack, Google Drive, and 10+ tools. Very intuitive and collaborative platform. Try it, maybe you will love it


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