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Top 10 Global Marketing Trends in 2021

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As we can see, not many of us could guess the global marketing trends in 2020 due to the social distancing and all this pandemic situation that took the world by storm. Since we must have a positive outlook and hope for the best, it is crucial to know about some innovations and old-school solutions in the field of marketing. It is a key to success even in these challenging times.

Top 10 Global Marketing Trends in 2021

  1. Black-owned Businesses. Since we all have seen the “Black Lives Matter” movement’s impact, the businesses that are owned by African Americans may come into the foreground. It is not hard to predict that related cultural and commercial initiatives may receive more recognition in 2021.
  2. Interactive Content. While it is not something new, the creation of additional interactive content is going to be in high demand among customers who may spend more time indoors because of uncertain social restrictions. It may include media content and ads, as well as special campaigns and competitions.
  3. Video Conference Marketing. Although some of us may wish to forget our long online video sessions, most businesses in 2021 will continue with the practice as it is convenient and allows working internationally. It is a low-cost solution that not many are ready to abandon!
  1. Branded Content. The presence of a certain brand will only increase in the future, which can be seen if we take a look at all the merchandising and the list of items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, or pens that people seem to order to have an association with a “status” brand.
  1. We may be the victims of technology, yet watching the movies like “Back to The Future” still makes us wish we could travel back. Starting from vintage vinyl players to 80s room designs, it is all to be expected. The marketing specialists will never miss a chance to make you feel some nostalgia.
  2. Political Activism. Politics and marketing always go hand in hand. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet political activism will be one of those aspects that will drive sales in 2021.
  1. User-Generated Content. Since we all have spent some time stuck at home, it has helped many people think about starting their small businesses with the help of Facebook and Instagram. It takes an important niche in the marketing field.
  2. Going Global. When a small developer or a large corporation wants to reach its global audience, a certified website localization becomes necessary. Check out the best certified translation services at IsAccurate. It will help you see what advantages it provides and how to prepare your marketing content in advance.
  3. Social Media Trading. You might have heard of selling your custom designs via Instagram, yet even the large corporations seem to turn to social media to market their products online. While it won’t eliminate the physical shops, virtual sales are more popular than ever.
  4. The Art of Customization. Forget about the costs! If you want to have something unique or customize it to your needs, just make a payment.

Will Things Remain The Same?

Global marketing trends marketing

Not even close! We may see some old practices still in use but it will undergo serious customization according to our social behavior and restrictions that we may or may not face. The most important is to remain flexible and be open to new ideas and suggestions!

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