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Top 10 Fun Gifts For 12-Year-Old Girls

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Girls are hard to impress and even little girls are much harder.

At such a growing age, their liking changes a lot.

Sometimes they like to play with barbies and other times with a teddy bear.

Gifting such a pure heart with some good gift is not going to be easy.

Some girls love outdoor games while some love playing indoors.

You need to give them fun and at the same time a useful gift that they will fall in love with.

Here is the list of 10 gifts that will be loved by any 12-year-old girl

1. Instax Instant Camera

Your 12-year-old girl may love to click pictures and collect them as memories.

This instant camera is very reasonable and you don’t need too much knowledge to use this.

You only have to click once and you also get the picture at the same time instantly.

Your daughter or any 12-year-old girl will love this gift and you can also choose from different colors to gift her.

Instax instant camera girls gifts

2. AquaSprouts Garden

If your kid loves fish then this is the perfect gift for her.

This is a small aquarium where fishes live and on top of that, there are different kinds of plants that you can grow.

The plants clean the water for the fish and fish can live easily.

This is the best garden and aquarium that is mixed together.

Give this to your little daughter so that she can have fishes and garden together.

3. Create Your own bath bombs kit

At this age, she might be very creative and in art stuff.

This kit helps you make 10 mini bath bombs that later can be used while you are bathing.

This kit includes any two types of colors and three different scents selected by you.

She will love to create her bath bombs and then have a bath in them.

4. Spa Hair Chalk Salon

Girls love to color their hair or imagine themselves with different hair.

But coloring your hair at a young age is not possible or good for your hair health.

These chalks come in different colors and are temporarily applied to dry hair.

These chalk colors can be easily washed with any shampoo and your child can color her hair differently almost every day.

This is the perfect gift for any growing 12-year-old girl.

5. Photo Hanging Clip String Lights

Every girl loves to decorate her room with her pictures and some lights.

It has a total of 50 transparent clips with mini LED bulbs that will make the room prettier.

Give this photo hanging clips along with some of her printed photographs and she will remember this gift every time she walks in her room.

6. Mini Backpack

Girls love cute mini backpacks and carry a lot of things in them.

This mini Backpack with a cute bow makes a perfect gift for teenage girls.

The Backpack will be used regularly and she will always recall you due to the Backpack.

There are many colors available for you to choose from.

Gift her this cute Backpack and she will surely love it.

Mini backpack girls gifts

7. Lip Balm Making Kit

Girls need to keep their skincare routine in check and lip balm stands at the top.

Some girls love flavorful and full of scented lip balms.

Gift her this DIY lip balm making kit so she can make her own and unique lip balm according to her choices.

She will fall in love with this gift for sure and try to make different lip balms.

8. Light up Unicorn Slippers

Almost every young girl loves unicorns and these slippers are a must-have at this age.

Whenever she walks in this slipper, the slippers will automatically light up.

These are in the shape of a unicorn and are perfect for a 12-year-old.

You just need to select the proper size and gift her on any occasion you want to.

9. Heart Necklace

Girls love to wear accessories with everything and everywhere they go.

This Gold plated heart-shaped necklace is the perfect gift you can give her.

In the middle of the heart-shaped necklace, the initial letter of your name is engraved that gives a personalized touch to it.

Gift her this beautiful necklace that she can wear daily and will remember you for the same.

10. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Some children love to solve daily puzzles or riddles on the back of a newspaper.

This book contains 300 difficult riddles so now they don’t have to wait for a newspaper daily and can solve more than one puzzle daily.

These difficult riddles will help them improve their brainpower and also help them to solve the puzzles or riddles.

This is the best birthday gift for any 12 year old girl who loves puzzles.

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