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Top 10 Creative marketing ideas for Restaurant

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Restaurant marketing ideas are as many as there are stars in the sky. What you need to focus on is your areas of strength and areas where you can do better. When you own or manage a restaurant, you undoubtedly require being a multitasking person and get new restaurant promotion ideas to move into the next level.

Though your purpose is to offer clients a top-notch feast so that they leave the place with a fabulous experience, but along with it, you also need to deal with your staff, set up a lively ambience, keep the books ready at the waiting area, and interact with your customers frequently. However, the first thing you must do, is creating an efficient marketing strategy to reach out to the customers and maintain the growth of the business.

Though, restaurateurs get a considerable amount of clashing and confounding ideas of promoting their restaurants, growing a business with the right restaurant business plan can help you take it to the next level.

Here are Top 10 Creative marketing ideas for Restaurant :

1. Visit Offices In Your Proximity

Do you know that the offices in your proximity can serve as one of the best sources of potential clients, particularly amid lunch hour?

Well, you should always target the organizations and groups from your neighborhood. Send the brochures or leaflets in their offices with some beguiling offers and make them aware about your presence in the colony.

2. Assemble Your Customer Details

When it comes to building the database, you should always try in getting the email address, contact number and full name of the potential clients so that you can send daily offers and discounts and hence increasing their interaction with brand.

Most importantly, make sure to you send such emails in the morning or during the lunch time along with some tempting pictures and mouth-smacking food shots of food offered.

These direct marketing strategies can always be your vital tool to earn profits

3. Customer Loyalty Matters A Lot

Since customers are livelihood of any business, it is imperative that the owner exceeds their expectations and ensures they are satisfied with the service. However, while attaining new customers is vital, restaurants should stress on retaining existing ones and create loyal customers who will offer a steady business opportunity. The better the connection customers shares with a restaurant, the better is their potential to produce income for the company.

4. Use Your Website To Entice Customers

With the increasing internet penetration, it is vital that every business should have an interactive and engaging website (both desktop & Mobile), which provides immense opportunity to showcase the services, products and offer to customer.

The best thing about having a professional website is that it makes it easier for clients to find you, read about your products and services. Especially in the case of restaurant business, online ordering facility on the website can increase the customer interaction due to convenience and flexibility.

Apart from this, make sure that your website is mobile friendly and uses applications that are compatible with smartphones.

The factors mentioned above do have positive impact on your business. So why wait? Get an engaging website and drive more traffic and grow your business

5. Text Messages Works

Restaurants can always come up with fantastic offers and convince their customers to subscribe. Once they accept it, you can tout an offer such as, Get 50% off on Dessert with Today’s meal. Just text “50%Off” to 12345 and show server your coupon.

Usually, restaurants can send such offers weekly to drive customers back to the restaurants and enjoy the deals at exciting prices. Once the customer is happy with the service they tend to look forward for such amazing deals

6. Keep The Mouths Busy

“Word of Mouth” is one of the most sure-shot ways to get customers through your doors. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase this sort of marketing. Dedicated customers are bound to come back to your restaurant – and will bring along their friends and family members if they like your brand. Thus, it is vital to focus on creating an outstanding customer experience as well as making your restaurant something that people will love to visit again and again.

7. Social Media Platforms Matters

Since, majority of your potential customers are present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Youtube, using social media platforms to interact with your clients directly is a sure shot way to impress them.

It is essential that you respond to their concerns, queries and complaints personally to make your guests feel you care for them. Also, encouraging the customers to share their photos in your restaurant, posting reviews and write about the experiences they had with your food and services will help your business grow immensely.

Social media is also a perfect place to show the process of preparing innovative delicacies in your kitchen. It will only entice customers to get the taste of your excellent menu.

8. Time To Offer Happy Hours

“Happy Hours” promotional idea can help in boosting sales during the low business hours of the day. This can take place in the mid-week between 4 PM to 6 PM.

Try offering the wine at half price; side dishes at 50% off or Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) offers to delight Happy Hour attendees. With such attractive specials, your guests will joyfully pay and eat much more.

However, when you are planning your Happy Hour Menu, ensure that the strategy has a good value with huge profits.

9. Host Events At Restaurants Is A Win-win For Everyone

Transform your restaurant into a venue for tastings yummilicious delicacies of the restaurant. Organizing a wedding-rehearsal dinner, charity function and a business party can impact the business at your restaurant significantly.

This strategy offers people a reason to visit your restaurant rather than waiting endlessly for them to walk through your doors. Impress them with your food and customer service, no wonder you’ve gained a repeat customer!

10. Upgrade The Menu Card

Undoubtedly, your menu can be considered as one of the best-promoting devices. However, with an obsolete and dull menu list, you can see clients walking off disappointed and never return again. Well, this is a worrisome case for your business. Thus, always make sure that the menu is fresh and tempting.

Gone are the days when TV spots, radio and print ads were the only ways to create brand awareness. With all of the above strategies one can increase their revenues and enjoy the success easily. However, make sure to make the plan carefully. Successful restaurant marketing ideas and strategies can impact in higher sales and will help in making the restaurant a thriving business.

Article Written by mobikon 
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