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Top 10 Apps for Lawyers To Improve Productivity in 2022

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Lawyers are busy people fighting complex cases on behalf of their clients. Most of the time, they are required to discuss with their clients or preparing notes to strengthen their client’s case. This only means that they tend to neglect their administrative part or forget something or the other. They are required to keep qualified assistants to help with their administrative tasks. Also should be considered investing in Task management apps that are exclusively designed to improve overall productivity.

Top 10 Apps for Lawyers

1. Clio:

Clio lawyers

Since it offers Cloud storage solutions, you can remotely practice using your mobile device from anywhere. It offers features to help with your daily work like document management, time-tracking, view client information, billing, etc. It also integrates other 3rd party applications. Thus, you can save valuable time on routine tasks. It also safeguards client data while providing amazing client experience.

2. Feedly:

Feedly lawyers

You can streamline content on different social media platforms and across the web. This way, not every news feed that you come across is required to be checked. This wonderful content organization helps manage legal research quite efficiently. It also you to share interesting things with others effortlessly.

3. Evernote:

Evernote lawyers

It is designed to note and record in diverse formats. You can even store relevant information within a single place, ranging from points of contract to media files. Besides this, it also offers desktop and app versions that can be transitioned smoothly as desired.

4. Onenote:

Onenote lawyers

It is considered to be Microsoft’s digital notebook that makes a wonderful organizational tool. It is designed to work with MS Office. This note taking software enables you to separate text into pages and sections. It also simplifies reviews, helping you to identify easily what you seek. Apart from this, this Accounting tool annotates and highlights within the app, thus sharing and saving vital notes.

5. OneDrive:

Onedrive lawyers

This is another MStool that provides collaborative and personal Cloud storage solutions, allow accessing of crucial files from any device and saves photos and files at any time. It also ensures real-time, collaboration on live documents. You can get access to important files using any device as they are all uploaded onto cloud.

6. Text Blaze:

This app eliminates mistakes and repetitive typing, thus being an ideal solution for busy lawyers who always are on the move. It assures easy to use features, quick results and accuracy. It also provides powerful automation and endless customization options.

7. Google Drive:

It is undoubtedly among the top cloud documentation and storage platform that connects seamlessly with Google Sheets and Google Docs. It simplifies communication and collaboration. Companion apps enable easy shares, edits, Accounting and access of files on the go.

8. Penultimate:

Penultimate lawyers

This digital handwriting app is connected to Evernote. You can take notes electronically, thereby saving handwritten thoughts digitally. It is meant for those who prefer to write instead of typing. Notes can be processed in a way enabling easy search in the app. However, it is designed to operate only on iPads.

9. Fastcase:

Fastcase lawyers

It is among the largest mobile law library that is offered to users for free. It features includes legal research tool, companion apps. The latter offers analytics, dockets, legal news, etc. Such tools are said to have partnered with 80+ bar associations to offer avail key information to help prepare cases.

10. Dropbox:

Dropbox lawyers

Using this app to upload all important documents to the cloud and sync them directly. Upload limit to Dropbox’s mobile and desktop apps is 2TB. Its 256-bit AES encryption assures greater security and reliability.

If you are a lawyer, then you do need to be aware of some of the Apps for Lawyers. This way, you can choose something that will work for you.

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