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HomeTipsWhy working in an oil field is a risky business?

Why working in an oil field is a risky business?

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All jobs come with their risk which is mostly hidden or is a very rare scenario, but working at an oilfield can be a bit risker compared to the normal 9-5 job. The employee signs up for the job very well knowing his/her life is at risk from the time of the start of work. Working in an oil field is not only demanding it can also require the employee to do a rigorous job in very dangerous conditions.

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Oil field accidents:

Accidents at oilfields are quite common but it is not something that can be easily resolved. Even though it is preferred to work in an oil field with a lot of caution, the negligence of a co-worker or an employer or oneself can risk many lives. Even a small wrong move or negligence can result in a hazard or can even result in an oil field accident.

Oil field accidents Risky business

An oil field accident can not only affect the company and the employees injured, but it can also cause damage to the environment, the loved ones of the employees and can affect day-to-day life. Even small oil field accidents can result in large casualties and injuries. It is really important for the employees and the employers to be more cautious while working in an oil field for the safety of oneself and the environment.

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Some of the commonly caused oil field accidents are:

1. Not having regular check-ups of equipment:

It is important to check for the equipment on a regular basis to avoid any mishap with the machinery. It is important to maintain the correct pressure. Any increase or decrease in the pressure can lead to explosion and rupture in machinery. It is always better to double-check the equipment for the safety of the employees and the company.

2. Ignoring or not following the rules and regulations:

It is important to follow the rules and regulations that are provided to the company to ensure a safe working environment. In some cases, people tend to ignore these rules and regulations to earn some extra profit for the company thus risking the life of the employees.

3. Not taking shut down procedures seriously:

The company is provided with a shutdown rule to make sure that it provides a safe environment to the workers. When these rules are not followed correctly or neglected, there can be accidents costing the life of people.

4. Not providing proper training:

It is important to provide the employees with proper training before they start working in oil fields. Lack of proper training can lead to the employees not being able to identify and understand the changes or even dangers that can lead to accidents.

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Some of the other accidents that can leave one injured on an oilfield in San Antonio are slip and fall causing severe fracturing of bones, falling of equipment as the instruments at the oil fields are intricate and require proper maintenance.

In case of any oil field accidents, one should seek medical help as soon as possible. The employees are entitled to compensation and other provisions. It is important to contact a lawyer and understands ones right and act accordingly.

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