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Why implementing a spin the wheel for your website is a must-have for your eCommerce

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If you are trying to set yourself apart from the competition, increase your target market, and broaden your reach, consider using a unique ad popup on your home page!

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Why you should use a spin the wheel for your website

If you are debating whether or not you should use a spin the wheel for your website, you should – it can seriously increase your conversion rates, customer outreach, improve your target market, and further your leads! By using website polls and spin the wheel tactics on your website, you can increase eCommerce conversion rates and let marketers collect various email leads to use in future marketing strategies.

By having a list of dedicated consumers who you know are interested in your business, you can tailor content that is specifically meant for your ideal clientele! Furthermore, using a spin the wheel website game, like Wheel of Popups, is a foolproof marketing solution that is nearly 400% more effective than other options due to the versatility of being able to embed this in your web page or to use it as a popup in the ad format.

Reduce cart abandonment

One of the main reasons why you should use a ps in the whale for your website is to avoid having abandoned carts on your website! Have you ever been shopping online and adding items to your cart only to leave a few minutes later because you can’t find exactly what you want? Maybe the prices are too high, you don’t like the lack of selection, or you couldn’t find your ideal product – no matter the case, using a spin the wheel popup for your page can reduce customers doing this on your page. 

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Increase the number of email subscribers

The next benefit of using a spin the wheel for your website is to grab more email subscriptions and add them to your dedicated consumer list. Unlike other options, that leave you second-guessing who your target market is and your ideal consumer, you can use the Wheel of Popups to figure out more about your ideal client, when they use your website, and how long they are on your website. By using popups, you can learn up to 50% more information regarding your target market and conversion rates.

Trust builder

The next reason to spin the wheel for your website is to build trust in yourself and your customers! By adding this type of popup game to your site, you can provide incentives to those who sign up for emails, play the game, or provide their contact information.

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Uniqueness is key

The last reason to use a Wheel of Pop-Ups in the wheel for your website is to set yourself apart from the competition. This unique game will differ from the boring websites of your competitors!


If you are debating whether to use a spin the wheel for your website to boost trust, increase conversion rates, and expand your target market, you will highly benefit from this fun advertisement popup! Using the Wheel of Popups can increase trust in your site, add value to your webpage, and make yourself stand out among the crowd.

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