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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Home Tips Why Honesty Is Not Always the Best Policy at Workplace?

Why Honesty Is Not Always the Best Policy at Workplace?

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A majority of organizations want their employees to be honest while performing works in workplaces. Most humans believe that honesty is the best policy from their young age and they practice the same in their life. However, there are some situations honesty doesn’t work well and employees should know more about them in detail that can help accomplish the goals to a large extent. A recent study reveals that being honest is not always the right approach in workplaces because it can lead to some problems.

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Honesty is the best policy-The truth about organizational culture

Leaders in an organization expect that their employees should always speak the truth. On the other hand, most of them don’t feel safe because they know that speaking honestly will lead to repercussions. There are some situations employees should take a break from honesty.

1. Getting angry with a colleague or superior

Tensions and emotions can build up in workplaces that can lead to several problems. In fact, it can damage the relationships effectively which will result in low performance. Therefore, it is advisable to forget them and start the works soon for overcoming unwanted issues.

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2. Criticism

Criticism at workplace

Some managers and co-workers don’t accept criticism in working places. Apart from that, they will react negatively to show their dominance. Instead of confrontations, employees should meet them privately on a one-to-one basis for discussing the things in detail. This will help a lot to express the ideas which bring benefits to an organization.

3. Not feeling secured

Employees often feel that they don’t get proper recognition for their contribution which ultimately leads to insecurity. Instead, they should focus more on gathering data to inform a company why they deserve more. It is advisable not to tell the truth openly because employees won’t listen to them properly.

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4. Exit interview

An employer will organize an exit interview for employees when they want to leave their job. At the same time, employees should avoid criticizing a company in the interview which can result in negative results. It is a wise one to point out how an organization can improve certain processes and describe positive things to create a good impression.

5. Getting furious over last employer

There is no doubt that the phrase honesty is the best policy don’t suit horrible bosses and toxic workplaces. On the other hand, employees should learn the mistakes committed by them after joining a new job in an organization that will help grow their careers.

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