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Why Are Label Machines Important For Scaling Up?

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When most companies start out in the business of producing products for sale to customers, there is usually little need for a high-performance label machine. For small businesses making products in-house, manual labour may be the only initial cost-effective option available.

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As business grows, and demand for products increase, it’s time to consider scaling up and investing in a reliable tool that gets the job done faster, more efficiently, and with reduced potential for error.

Meeting Customer Demand

Incorporating an automated labeling system into the packaging and labeling process of your business is beneficial, if you want to achieve huge efficiency gains that meet growing customer purchase demand.

A semi automatic or fully automatic label machine is an upgraded labelling solution for your business. Automating packaging and labelling processes in-house maximises productivity while minimising human error and labour costs. The savings that you make can be used to expand the business, or to invest in other essential equipment.

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Integral Production Process

It’s challenging to scale up your business, if you’re reliant on human resources for printing and applying labels to products. Not only is this process time-consuming and costly in terms of employee salary, but it also doesn’t guarantee consistent efficiency and accuracy.

label machines flexible label applicator

High quality label machines are relatively compact in size, and can fit a wide range of production environments.  A versatile, reliable and flexible label applicator can be configured for front, back and side applications on a wide variety of different size labels. The accurate label placement ensures that each label is cleanly applied to product or packaging, with no bubbling, wrinkling or damage involved.

Utilising smart and compliant print and apply technologies, an automated labelling system delivers consistent precision application, with additional reduced human error, labour costs and scrap rerun benefits. Overnight, you can go from manually labelling 100 products per hour to producing 5 x as many in just 60 minutes. And of course you can scale your increased production with sales.

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Making An Investment Purchase

To equip a business for expansion, it’s usually necessary to make an investment purchase. When it’s time to scale up your business, it’s important to invest in the best quality machinery that boosts your company’s agility, flexibility and versatility.

To be able to print up to 2,250 labels per hour for an in-house production line, you need a high-speed print and apply label machine that delivers consistent precision and accuracy. If your volume requirements are higher, a semi-automatic labelling system can effortlessly apply 120,000 pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels per hour.

Integrated to seamless diverse production line layouts, an automated labelling applicator is uniquely designed to address your specific needs, with unsupervised operation functions, and accurate label placement. They can be left and right hand mounted, and positioned at varied angles. All that’s required to print on-demand is the push of a button.

If you’re concerned about the expense, an investment purchase high-performance label machine pays for itself in no time, and keeps your business production in an optimal steady state of flow.

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