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What We Can Learn from the Greatest Generation

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As a people, we have made numerous strides towards making the world a better place. We have grown in leaps and tides since the development of speech for humans. Various fields have advanced such as education and technology. The greatest generation has managed to lead us during our most crucial times of civil inequality. They managed to rise above all forms of discrimination against gender and race. They secured equal opportunities for everyone in the world and this is part of the reason they are called the greatest generation. They have also left us life lessons for which to live by and it is through these we have scaled all the challenges that have come our way. These are some of the best lessons from the greatest generation.

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1: The importance of taking responsibility

We live in the age of blame. If we can’t find someone at fault for our trials and tribulations, we will just invent something. It is a destructive pattern, not only for personal growth but to the national health of the entire country. To be given responsibility is an honor and was seen as such during that time. Great lessons of leadership always start with a deep sense of personal responsibility. It is through the greatest generation that we can learn the importance of this virtue.

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2: Maintaining a work ethic

One of the hardest things for a parent to instill in a child today is a robust work ethic. For the greatest generation, of course, work was not an option. Everyone worked to survive, both personally and as a country. Dad was sometimes working two jobs, Mom was working at a converted munitions factory, and the children were working in all sorts of capacities. They took deep pride in that work as well. Thankfully, we are not in a world war today, and technology has lightened the load on citizens to keep the country prosperous and safe. But our blessings have also given us a generation who, as a whole, look at hard work as a punishment. Slothfulness is nearly at epidemic levels. We have learned the importance of working hard for what we desire in life, just like the greatest generation did.

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3: Importance of having decent savings

We live in a disposable society. Everything is temporary, including our money. In the ‘30s and ‘40s, everything was saved down to the last penny and this is what guaranteed the success of the greatest generation. To be frugal was the discipline of the day. In the 21st century, we are a consumer-based economy. When war broke out, we were told to go shopping. Imagine how that sounds to the Greatest Generation? We move from one temporary gadget to the next, and it all goes so fast that there’s no need for a repairman anymore. Just get a new one. Unfortunately, this type of thinking has led to a great deal of personal financial stress in this century. This is one vital lesson we should always have in mind. Keeping some amount of whatever we work hard for in anticipation of rainy days.

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