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What Qualities Maisemore tarps have!

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We are very proud of our tarps. Here are some of the reasons why…

  • Our tarps have built in eyelets so you don’t need to buy any more kit to fix them up
  • Our tarps are made of a heavy duty material, 900g/sqm so they will not rip easily like lighter weight tarps on the market.
  • All tarps come with 4 corner detachable tabs with fly proof poppers which can be used as vents in fine weather.
  • They all come with Maisemore’s unique wire reinforcing system for added strength and rigidity around the eyelets
  • All tarps now come with our new mesh storage bag

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We are now selling tarp kits with poles.  These tarps are very heavy duty and robust for use on stagings or construction sites. With the addition of the special Maisemore tarp kit you can now take down camp in minutes! The tarps come with 3 metre poles which simply slot into the eyelets, making it easy to put up and take down your tarp very quickly. There is also enough material left over to make a lean-to shelter if needed! The tarps will be available in 2 sizes: 4m x 3m – £25 5m x 3m – £30 for more information see our TARPS AND ACCESSORIES section under EQUIPMENT.

These tarps are specifically designed for the beekeeper and will be available in 3 sizes:

  1. 2.5m x 1.8m £15
  2. 2.5m x 3m £18
  3. 3m x 4m £25

The tarps come with Maisemore’s unique wire reinforcing system for added strength and rigidity around the eyelets to prevent tearing where it matters most! There is also an extra internal pocket within the tarp which makes it very easy to store, as well as a handle at each end of the tarp to make transportation easier from one location to another! For more information see our TARPS AND ACCESSORIES section under EQUIPMENT.

Maisemore tarps Qualities Maisemore tarps

The Maisemore tarps are of the highest quality; they come in three different sizes and weigh just under 30 grams.

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They also come with a number of features such as:

  • Sewn Webbing Reinforced Corners (which feature holes for cams or pegs)
  • Taped seems to stop water getting inside the tarp
  • 4 V’s on all panels for extra grip for your poles and ropes, which also create more than enough ventilation and reduce condensation.
  • Ropes on either end that can be used as guy lines. This is really great as it reduces weight by not having to carry additional guy lines
  • These tarps cost £47ke Tarps Suitable for Storage and Protection.


Q.  Will the tarps make my bees fly?

No, there is no chance of your hive flying with tarps on!  The tarps are virtually weightless so will not even moving the covers, let alone cause any disturbance at all to the bees underneath.  We have tested this ourselves and it does not affect them whatsoever.

Q. Will the tarps help me to control American Foul Brood?

Yes certainly!  These tarps can be used as a physical barrier between you and AFB spores which are dangerous to humans.  This means that if you store them with your equipment they can act as a great protective layer over contaminated surfaces, plus they are machine washable so easy to keep clean.  They can also be used as an impromptu isolation tarpaulin for hives showing signs of the disease to slow its spread.

Q. What are they made out of?

The tarps are made from a specially woven non-woven fabric, not nylon or polyester like some inferior tarps on the market!  This is important because it means that there is no chemical coating which can harm your bees if they come into contact with it.  We have tested these ourselves and even after hundreds of machine washes at high temperatures they do not lose their integrity whatsoever!  They are very light weight so easy for transportation, but most importantly they are UV resistant too so will last for longer in the sun.

Q. What sizes are they available in?

The tarps come in three standard sizes: 2.5m x 1.8m, 2.5m x 3m and 3m x 4m!  If you would like a custom size we can make them for you too, just contact us to find out more!

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Q. How do I clean tarps?

We recommend that you wash your tarps at 30 degrees with like colours on a gentle cycle (the tarps should not be bleached or ironed either).  After washing they should be hung up to dry naturally rather than tumble dried as this will help preserve their integrity much longer when used outdoors in harsher climates!


The tarps are high quality, multipurpose tarps suitable for storage and protection.  They are perfect for beekeepers to store their equipment to keep it clean and free from contamination which could harm the bees.  We have tested them with live bees – no adverse effects!  They come in three different sizes with a number of great features such as sewn webbing reinforced corners (with holes), taped seems, 4 V’s on all panels for extra grip for your poles/ropes, ropes on either end that can be used as guy lines – but most importantly they are machine washable at 30 degrees!

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