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What makes Apex Legend Better than other Battle Royale Games?

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There are many Battle Royale games available on the market. Due to this vast collection of games in the genre and various other reasons, the glory of the Battle Royale genre is fading. But even after all these changes and evolution in the Gaming industry, Apex Legends is still the favorite of many players and has managed to sustain all the competition.

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So, if you are wondering why Apex legends are better than other Battle Royale games, you can go through the article. Try the game to get the best experience of the Battle Royale game genre.

1. Rich lore and storytelling

One of the characteristics that set Apex Legends different from other battle royale games is the rich lore and in-depth storytelling method. Respawn has created rich lore for the game and have elaborated the backstory of each of the character that is relatable and gave a human touch. The players get attached to the characters not just because of their abilities, but also because of their backstory. For instance, the Offensive legend with the abilities of Gravity in Apex Legend, Horizon became one of the most loved characters due to her interesting backstory.

2. Characters with unique personalities and skills

Another feature that set Apex Legend different from other games in the Battle Royale Genre is the wide range of characters with unique abilities and skillsets. Along with their abilities, their appearances are also unique from playable characters from other games. Even though all the characters have many abilities, Apex Legends’ characters show direct impact based on how the players play the game. Unlike other Battle Royale games, players do not just take the armor and appearance of the character. But these characters are more skill-driven and use these skills to defeat the enemies.

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3. Unique and mesmerizing movements

Respawn has dedicated to some decent moves and has added some great movements that go along with game mechanics in the Apex Legend. Since the game is developed by the developers of Titanfall, Apex legend has carried some of the colorful and iconic movements from TitanFall like wall running and bunny hopping. But yet they have added some other movements that are unique to Apex Legends.

4. Squad dynamics

Squad dynamics Battle Royale Games

Apex legends have taken the concept of Hero shooter to the Battle royal genre. The game enables the players to choose from 16 playable characters who have unique abilities and skills. The game allows the players to form squads to strengthen their winning position. Since each player has their favorite skills and ability sets, the players can form squads with characters who have their favored skillset. This enables them to work better as a team and have improved squad dynamics.

5. FPS

Many of the Battle Royale games like Fortnite are played from a third-person shooter perspective. Unlike these games, Apex Legends is played from a first-person point of view. Since FPS is a personal favorite of many of the players, it has become a signature of Apex Legend.  This feature will enable all the players who love shooting to experience the real thrill of shooting which cannot be fulfilled by a third-person viewing shooter.

6. No building and construction aspects

Many of the games build buildings and other construction aspects to attract the players. The players who love the building landscape are mainly from the generation that played Minecraft. But for the new generation, these are not the criteria that they are looking for. The excellent weapons, movements, and the FPs shooter system of Apex Legends are surely going to attract gamers from all generations.

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7. Shooting Mechanics and traversal

Respawn Entertainment has proved to be one of the best AAA developers with the success of TitanFall, Start Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Apex Legend. Titanfall have added some feature like traversal and fast-paced combat when it came to FPS. Apex legends have taken all these features and lore from TitanFall. It also added some creative moves like removing the ability to completely remove the fall damage. Like other Respawn games, Apex legend is fast-paced and can fuel your adrenaline rush. It can be so complicated that even pro-gamers may need to check out https://www.iwantcheats.net/apex-legends-hacks-cheats-aimbot/ to get an advantage in the game. The features like ESP for better prediction and awareness and auto-aim can help the player to get the upper hand.

8. Variety of Maps

Apex legend has three maps- King’s Canyon, Olympus, and World’s Edge. All these maps are different in their ways and give different experiences to the players. These maps are also constantly changing and re-shaped depending upon the bombing and catastrophes. Even though the size and the basic outline of the map are constant, the map changes over time. These dynamic changes and tweaksto the map make the game more thrilling and give a fresh feeling each time we play it.

You might have noticed the glory of Battle royal games is fading with time, but this has not affected or slowed down the fame of Apex Legend. The evolving features of the game are still able to hold the player’s interest and entertain them.

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