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What Families Need to Do Now In a Pandemic

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The family is the foundation of every civilization, and they are the ones that you turn to during times of crisis. During uncertain times like these, a family is needed more than ever. While social distancing laws and stay at home measures have encouraged families to remain in their homes, the uncertainty and stress can make it challenging for families to keep a semblance of calm.

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It has become vital that families maintain a positive attitude in the home. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children look up to their parents when they are feeling afraid or uncertain. In times of trouble, they will always turn to you for reassurance. Here are some of the things that families need to keep their head above water during the pandemic:

Families Need to Acknowledge That Fear is Real, and That Is Okay

An article with HealthyChildren.org says that children will always look to their parents for safety. Living in the middle of the pandemic is scary because it gives off this feeling of uncertainty. It is okay to acknowledge these fears because fear is a natural human emotion. What you can do is to educate your children on what is happening to the world now. They might be wondering why they can no longer see their friends or their other relatives. What your children want from you is the truth, and you must give it to them. Let them be aware of the safety measures you need to take, such as wearing a face mask and practicing proper handwashing.


Ensure your children that things will work out for the better and that things will go back to normal someday. In the meantime, make sure that you let them keep in touch with their loved ones and that you will assure them that you love them.

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Families Need to Set Up A Healthy Daily Routine

Since everyone is staying home most days, you must establish healthy routines that the family must follow. This means that a proper bedtime must be set and that everyone must get ample sleep. Also, you must make sure that everyone still has a proper diet and that they do not rely on processed and junk food.

Make sure that the kids manage their schoolwork properly to avoid burnout. You need to establish a sense of order in the home since this is where all of you will be spending most of your time. Be sure to have quality bonding time at the end of the day, such as watching a movie together or reading the children a bedtime story before going to sleep.

Families Need To Reinforce Positive Discipline

Bored children can be a handful, and they tend to misbehave because they have no outlet to channel their excess energy. To address this, give your children something to do. You can allow them to be creative,such as teaching them a new craft project that they can work on. This way, they will be able to channel their energies positively.

However, when their behavior becomes intolerable, know when to respond and how to respond. You may give them a time out, saying in as little words as possible.

Families Need to Take Care of Each Other

It has become important more than ever to practice self-care. This means that you should not allow yourself to be overburdened by stress, whether it is from work or household chores. Be sure to take your vitamins and the proper nutrition that you need to get you through the day. Above all, find a sense of inner peace because what you are feeling will channel its way to your family.

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Families Need to Be Prepared in Times of Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, it is always best to come prepared. You can only do so much to prevent the spread of the virus, but there may come a time when you have to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. With the economy being unstable, job security becomes an issue, so it is advised to have an emergency fund of at least six months worth of expenses at your disposal. Also, if possible, make sure you have an alternative source of income for a fallback.

While you can always protect your health, protect your family in times of uncertainty by purchasing good health insurance plans for you and for your loved ones. It is something you owe yourself and your family.

These times are scary, but you can always come out on top with the right mindset. You and your family need each other in order to make it through these troubled times. With a positive attitude and faith in the unknown, you and your family can see this through.

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